10 Things NOT to do on a Cruise


If you’re going on your first ever cruise holiday – chances are friends, family and reviews sites will have told you about 101 different things you have to do during your trip. If all the things you have to do has gotten a little confusing and impossible to remember – it may be easier to just refer to this list of 10 things you definitely shouldn’t do. Then just do everything else!

1. Over-Pack

The vast majority of major ships have laundry and dry cleaning services so it is possible to reuse the same outfits a couple of times during a trip. This can help you save space in the suitcase for souvenirs and keepsakes for the family back on dry land.


Here is our guide to the laundry services aboard the ships of all the major cruise lines – so you know exactly what to expect when planning for a cruise.

2. Pack Essentials in Hold Luggage

When you first board the ship, your luggage will undergo safety and security tests before being delivered to your room. With potentially thousands of pieces of luggage to check through, it can be a couple of hours before your luggage is delivered to your cabin. This makes it important to ensure you pack all the important items you’ll need immediately in your hand luggage.

It is also advisable to pack a change of clothing for the kids and their favourite toys to keep them comfortable and happy.

3. Eat in the Same Restaurant Every Night

The larger cruise ships have a huge selection of different restaurants and dining options – well-suited to a wide range of different palates and appetites. Even if you find a restaurant you absolutely love on the first night, try something different the next night (variety being the spice of life after all).


Understanding that one of the most important aspects of a trip for more holidaymakers is the food, cruise lines have secured the help of some of the world’s most respected chefs to build and create incredible and unique menus.

4. Hog Deck Chairs

On large ships with a few thousand guests, it is not particularly neighbourly to rush to the best pool-side deck chairs and hog them for the remainder of the holiday. Whether you are planning to hog them with a family rota or the hated reservation towel – consider just using the deck chair for an hour or two then move on to something new.

There are plenty of things, other than worshipping the sun, to enjoy on a cruise ship so you will never be bored.

5. Forget Sunscreen

Whilst perched upon the deck chairs (or any other open air part of the ship, including the pools) it is important to ensure that you never forget to apply sunscreen. Always make sure your body and the rest of the family are adequately covered. This guide from WebMD and Boots makes it easier to select the right UV factor sunscreen for different skin types and ages.

6. Forget the Crew

The crews aboard cruise ships work incredibly hard to ensure every aspect of your holiday runs smoothly and is as enjoyable as possible. Alongside the automatic gratuities, crew members really appreciate guests taking a little bit of time for a chat and a kind thank you. Creating a bond and relationship with the crew can make the entire holiday more enjoyable and relaxed.

Splendor of the Seas Bar - Royal Caribbean Press Center

7. Book Every Excursions

Sometimes staying on the ship during a port visit can be hugely enjoyable. With fewer people aboard, there may be more room to stretch your legs and enjoy peaceful lounges and bars. Additionally, many cruises offer discounted rates on spa treatments during port calls, so it may be the perfect time for a little rest and relaxation.

8. Skip Breakfast

Whilst we don’t want to sound like your mother, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially if you’ve got exertive excursions planned. Check if your ship offers complimentary room service breakfast, this provides a great wake-up call and incentive to get up and out of bed.

Zdenko Zivkovic - Croissant

9. Leave the Balcony Door Open

Whilst relaxing in your cabin, it can be lovely to open the balcony door and let the sea air roll over you and keep the room fresh. However, it is vitally important that you close the balcony door when leaving your cabin or retiring to bed. As well as potentially letting bugs and bad weather into your cabin, open balcony doors can add to the drag of the ship – wasting energy.

Many ships leave gentle reminders in your cabin to shut you balcony door – reducing the chance that you’ll forget.

10. Forget a Chill Day

On your first day of your cruise, you may be surprised with the huge array of options to fill your days. From excursions to theatrical shows – you could soon find yourself reserving tickets and spaces for events and trips. However, this could leave you incredibly tired by the end of the holiday so it’s important to plan a chill day to recharge the batteries.

Infinity-Pool Source: Flickr@Pedro Plassen Lopes

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Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center, Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Yanxin Wang, Zdenko Zivkovic, Pedro Plassen Lopes


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