Healthy Eating for Celebrity Kids


Celebrity cruises have announced some new additions to their line up… and I don’t mean their fleet of ships. These new additions are joining the crew! Well, sort of anyway.

In the past, Celebrity cruises might have been thought of as more of an adults kind of cruise line, not particularly trying to appeal to children and families. However, this seems to be changing a bit as the latest crew members are a bunch of puppets who are going to be telling kids all about the benefits of healthy eating and active lifestyles.

The program is designed for kids between the ages of 3-8 and it is being run by the Nerdel company. With childhood obesity being a growing problem, and cruise ships notorious for providing guests with more food than they could ever dream of, this will come as a welcome addition to services for many parents taking their children on a Celebrity cruise.

By using puppets, it is hoped that the message will come across as both fun and educational, and really capture kids’ imaginations. Most of the ships in the Celebrity fleet will be offering the Nerdel program by the middle of this month and their website shows a virtual 3D tour of what the program entails.


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