The 5 Different Types of Cruise Traveller – Which One Are You?


One of the biggest misconceptions about the cruise industry is this: cruises are for retired, elderly people. As you know, the reality is quite different.

In fact, according to a recent travel report commissioned by BDRC Continental, a quarter of all UK holidaymakers said they are likely to take a cruise in the next two years, with little change across age groups. Great news for cruise fans!

We reckon that cruise travellers can be broadly divided into the following five types – read on and let us know which one you are…

The Foodie


With a myriad of on board eateries, it’s easy to see why cruise holidays could attract keen foodies. Most modern cruise liners feature a menu of gastronomic delights from every corner of the globe – perfect for those who enjoy tasting new culinary treats on their travels. Travel with a Foodie and conversation will soon turn to where to eat next – luckily, you’ll never be short of places to choose.

The Sightseer


The Sightseer yearns for new horizons, impatient to explore new destinations and uncover new walks of life. They’ll likely be found with map and compass in hand, plotting the ship’s progress as it chugs onward towards yet another far-flung port of call. For the eager sightseer, cruises offer a way to see the world without the inconvenience of the departure lounge; with any number of destinations visited on a pre-defined itinerary.

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The Lounger


For The Lounger, the deckchair is their destination of choice. After waiting months to set foot on the deck of their cruise ship, these travellers lay claim to the nearest sun lounger and spend the rest of their time aboard topping up the tan. With hundreds of comfortable sun loungers on every vessel, The Lounger is well catered for, and is virtually guaranteed a sun-drenched spot in which to lay the beach towel.

The Trailblazer


The Trailblazer chooses a cruise based on what’s on it, not where it’s going. Before disembarking, they’ll probably scour the FAQs for the most adrenalin-pumping activity on board, and make a beeline for it. From surfing to skydiving, bowling to basketball, they’ll try the lot and then do them all again. Never content to lay and relax, the Trailblazer will explore every nook and cranny of the cruise ship for their next taste of adventure.

The Wellbeing Warrior


A massage one day, hair treatment the next – for The Wellbeing Warrior, cruising is about taking care of mind, body and soul. Most cruise ships feature a well-equipped spa offering a variety of services, and that’s exactly where you’ll find The Wellbeing Warrior. In day-to-day life, they’re stressed out individuals with a demanding job; but as soon as they venture aboard a cruise ship, it’s on with the dressing gown and straight to the spa.

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