Cruising and Cooking Your Own Meals?


The lastest news from the Celebrity Cruises camp is that they are going to be giving passengers the opportunity to cook their own meals. Ok, so you might be thinking that sounds like a pretty rubbish opportunity, but if you’re into cooking, what could be better than preparing a lovely meal, with instruction from professionals, while looking out to sea?

The cruise line, known for coming up with innovative ideas in the cruise industry, revealed the new concept today which will be coming to their new cruise liners – Silhouette and Reflection. The restaurant where passengers will get to cook their own meals will be called the “Lawn Club Grill”.

Passengers will be given access to grills, ovens, pizza-making tables and other essential kitchen appliances so that they can whip up a storm and create their own perfect meal. They will be given a selection of meats to choose from which they can grill exactly how they like them, and season them to taste. Working alongside the professional chefs (for those who prefer to have their food cooked FOR them), there will be guidance on offer for those a bit unsure of themselves.

During the day, there will be demonstrations and cookery classes going on where passengers can learn how to make pizza and marinades, giving them the tools they need to create a really tasty dish, all by themselves.

Other ideas which have been announced include “The Hideaway” which is a high-tech place for passengers to go and relax. It is designed to look like a treehouse (onboard a ship?), and will have lots of cozy little nest areas that guests can curl up in and chill out.

For those thinking, where do I sign up for these amazing cruises? Unfortunately, the new ships won’t be ready for a while yet. Silhouette is set to debut in July 2011, but Celebrity Reflection won’t be ready until 2012.


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