‘Finding Nemo’ On Board Disney Dream


This week Disney Cruise Line has announced its partnership with Walt Disney Imagineeing to bring new experiences on board Disney Dream.

Disney Cruise Line is bringing a new experience to diners with a 3D character models and scenes from popular Disney•Pixar films in a new and exciting restaurant design. When the diner service starts the dining room begins a transformation with numerous wall-mounted LCD screen switching to windows from which diners will see scenes of the undersea world, including coral reefs and their sea-life inhabitants.

As diners eat the surfer dude sea turtle Crush, from the film ‘Finding Nemo’ will make a special appearance, swimming around the restaurant and interacting with diners by asking questions about their on-board experiences and answering questions about life under the sea. Other characters from the film, including nemo, Dory, Bruce and Squirt will swim by and visit the guests.

The incredible dining experience penultimate interactions is a surfing lesson led by Crush, as the East Australian Current swirls around the room. The finale is the ‘Finding Nemo’ characters making their final appearance before transforming into pencil sketches.

This is just one of many new and innovative experiences Disney Dream will offer when it makes its maiden voyage, which is scheduled for January next year. Those looking for the ultimate family cruise deals will be able to sail three and four night cruises to the Bahamas and Castaway Cay Disney’s private island.

Image: Palo Restaurant – Disney Magic


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