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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Boudicca was built in 1973 and she is what I like to refer to as a more traditional cruise ship, especially when it comes to her outer decks. I know older cruise ships are not for everyone, but personally, I enjoy a more traditional vessel just as much as I do a new build – there’s nothing wrong with having a little ship variety in your life.

I recently spent 11-nights aboard Boudicca and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. She was inviting and warm, and within just a few days I felt as if I had been onboard forever – that’s when I know I really like the ship! I also want to comment on her crew. I genuinely do believe that Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines have some of the BEST crew members at sea. I cruised on Braemar last year and I didn’t meet a single miserable crew member, the exact same thing can be said for Boudicca. A smiling, happy crew really does make a massive difference to the overall cruise experience.


I had an outside cabin on Deck 5 which I have to say was ideally placed for accessing just about every area of the ship. Reception and the onboard shops were on the same deck, the dining options were above us and the Lido Deck was above that. My cabin was spacious and actually bigger than I had expected. There was ample storage space, 2 single beds, vanity area with chair and then an additional chair at the foot of my bed. The bathroom was smartly tiled and featured a toilet (obviously), sink and shower. It was on the small side, but nothing I am not already used to aboard ship. If you are thinking of cruising on Boudicca then I can definitely recommend her outside and inside cabins on Deck 5 and her more superior balcony cabins on Deck 8 – I managed to have a peek in a few of these cabins whilst onboard and they were fabulous! Trust me!

Overall my favourite areas onboard were the Secret Garden Café, I loved the feel of this space and it was set on a pedestal right in the centre of Deck 6; the Tintagel Restaurant, which was my main onboard dining venue during the cruise; The Bookmark Café (it had nothing to do with the fact you can get chocolates there!); and her aft outer decks. Actually, of all the spaces aboard, I would say that her aft outer decks were first and foremost my favourite place to haunt. They don’t build ships like Boudicca anymore, that’s for sure, so to have a tiered stern was priceless.


The food onboard was good too, I had several rather tasty steaks and of course, it wouldn’t be a Fred. Olsen cruise without a thick and creamy homemade soup. I absolutely love the soups on Fred. Olsen ships and if I sit down to an evening meal and don’t see something creamy in the soups section then I am thoroughly disappointed. Keep your consommé, give me something rich and hearty any day!

I would definitely recommend Boudicca, I can image in warmer climates (I was on a British Isles cruise) that her open decks would be an absolute hive of activity. The space up on Deck 9 was simply fabulous and the furniture was clearly quite new, but we couldn’t really take advantage of this space as it was too cool in the evenings for the bar to stay open. Maybe that’s given me the perfect excuse to go back then I can test out her Grill restaurant too.

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