Which Major Cruise Line is Right for You?


As the cruise industry has matured, all the major lines have developed unique personalities and traits. From colourful ships aimed at providing fun for large families to refined vessels channelling the spirit of the golden age of cruising; there’s a cruise line for every personality, taste and holiday dream.

This makes picking the right cruise line an important choice, potentially the difference between a good holiday and the holiday of a lifetime. But, with many cruise lines to choose from, how do you come to such a decision? This can be a hard choice, especially if you are new to cruising.

So, to take the guesswork and risk out of choosing your next cruise holiday, we have put together a number of guides extolling the virtues of the major cruise lines, helping you decide on the one that’s right for you.

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Royal Caribbean

Boasting the largest cruise ships ever built as part of their impressive fleet, the Royal Caribbean team really subscribe to the belief that bigger is better. And their guests can expect a huge array of amenities and facilities as they take to the decks of the ships. From surfing simulators to bionic bars manned by robotic bartenders, there is no end to the excitement and intrigue aboard Royal Caribbean ships.

Designed for families, there is something for everybody aboard the Royal Caribbean fleet. Great for first-time cruisers and adventurers alike, Royal Caribbean ships are less like floating hotels and more like floating resorts.

Harmony of the Seas New2 - Royal Caribbean Press Center

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Cunard Line

As more and more cruise lines look to the future, bedecking their ships with an amazing array of futuristic gizmos and modern conveniences, some cruise fans believe the golden age of the industry is becoming a thing of the past. This is never true, though, aboard the three-strong fleet of Cunard Line.

Honouring the old traditions and wonderful charm of the golden age of cruising, Cunard Line still indulge in the pomp and grandeur of traditional cruise holiday events such as the Captain’s Dinner and the well-observed formal nights. If you’ve a penchant for the dramatic and the divine, Cunard Line could be for you.

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Norwegian Cruise Line

From the colourful designs of the ships’ liveries to the array of unique on-board amenities, there’s plenty of fun to be found aboard Norwegian Cruise Line — and plenty of choice, too. Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered the Freestyle Cruising concept, giving their guests absolute freedom to holiday at their own pace, and decide exactly what to do all day, every day.

There are a number of incredible features and amenities which can only be found aboard members of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet, not least the impressive Svedka & Inniskillin Ice Bar. And this is before we even mention the world-class entertainment to be found on the leading performance venues on the liners.

NCL Library - Escape

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… P&O Cruises

Few cruise lines can boast the same history and prestige as P&O Cruises, having been an ever-present in the industry for as long as commercial pleasure cruising has been around. This gives their liners a certain authenticity few competitors can match, with the golden age of cruising still very present across many of their itineraries.

But that’s not to say the line is stuck in the past – the fleet receives frequent updates and upgrades, ensuring they continue to compete with the new kids on the block. Their flagship vessel, the P&O Britannia, is currently the largest cruise ship which calls the UK shores home – offering a great selection of entertainment, dining and comfort features for the 4,000+ passengers to enjoy.

P&O Cruises Britannia

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Celebrity Cruises

Well regarded for providing luxurious stays on the seas across their large fleet, Celebrity Cruises continue to push the boundaries of modern cruising. From the three smaller members of the fleet, Xpedition, Xperience and Xploration, which are amongst the only cruise vessels to visit the glorious Galapagos Islands, to the upcoming Celebrity Edge which is set to redefine cruising; the Celebrity Cruises fleet goes above and beyond what you may expect of a cruise holiday.

The luxury suites aboard members of the Celebrity Cruises fleet are amongst the most spectacular you can find at sea. With features such as showers perched over the side of the ship, dangling over the open ocean, and balconies bedecked with hot tubs; the Celebrity Cruises suites provide real luxury on the open seas.

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Princess Cruises

With the strapline ‘Come Back New’, Princess Cruises are dedicated to providing exceptionally relaxing holidays for all their guests. Combining freestyle cruising to offer a relaxing experience with enriching activities, all guests can immerse themselves in the ethos of Princess Cruises.

Furthermore, Princess Cruises are dedicated to providing exceptional entertainment and excitement into the night. Alongside a great selection of drinking and dining venues; the Princess Cruises fleet proudly boasts Movies Under the Stars – the delightful open-air cinemas giving guests the chance to enjoy Hollywood classics and blockbusters under the twinkling night’s sky.

Princess Cruises - PC Image Library

If these guides have still not quite answered all your questions and helped guide you to your dream cruise holiday, our friendly sales team are available to help. Just give us a call on 0808 2746 777.

Images sourced from Royal Caribbean Press Center, P&O Cruises Press Pictures, NCL Image Library and Princess Image Library


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