Princess Cruises Offer Free Zumba Classes


Zumba lovers are in for a treat if they are cruising with Princess Cruises… they are set to roll out free Zumba classes on every ship in the fleet. The fitness classes will be available in the nightclubs, the atriums and even on the open decks for those who want a bit of outdoor dancing.

Zumba has become a huge success in the last couple of years because as well as being great exercise, it is great fun. Millions of women (and a few men too!) regularly attend Zumba classes and Princess Cruises are tapping into it’s popularity. Let’s face it, with all that gorgeous food knocking around, you need to work out a bit to ease those feelings of guilt.

It is expected that by 2012, all of the ships in the fleet will offer Zumba classes, once of twice per cruise depending on the length of the sailing. I have got a feeling that this won’t be enough for Zumba lovers and in time, it may be offered more regularly.

Princess Cruises trialled the Zumba classes on select ships in December last year and found that it quickly became one of the most popular onboard activities. The classes were always full and passengers gave a lot of praise and positive feedback, with many going on to continue classes once they got home!


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