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Royal Caribbean is committed to offering its passengers an all-encompassing cruise experience, and that extends to the harmonies they hear while sailing the high seas. In a bid to ensure passengers enjoy exceptional at-sea sounds the line has extended its partnership with global music solutions provider, Mood Media Corporation.  Now, the experiential experts at Mood will be the sole providers of all on-board, overhead music played across the Royal Caribbean Quantum class fleet.

A history of hi-fi

Since 2007 Royal Caribbean has entrusted its playlists to Mood Media, and it looks like they love the results! Rather than simply hit play on any old iTunes track a team of music designers works tirelessly to carefully capture the sounds of every voyage and play them back to passengers.

Nick Weir, Royal Caribbean Vice President of Entertainment says that he has absolute faith in Mood Media and sees the group as an integral part of the line’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the contemporary cruise market. “After years of experience working with Mood Media as a music provider to our fleet, we knew we were placing our ship in good hands. The team was a key contributor in achieving the big picture experience we envisioned for our 21st century patrons,” he says.


Tunes that travel  

The line maintains that the playlists are designed to echo “the global, exploratory nature of the company and its guests by blending traditional classics and contemporary favourites with hand-picked Italian, Spanish, French, English and Asian selections.” On-board Quantum class smart ships passengers will now be serenaded with sounds played through 14 different sound systems spread across 28 zones. This includes the gym, spa, specialty restaurants, large dining halls, cafés, casino, pool deck, nightclubs and more. According to Royal Caribbean the highly customised “Royal Caribbean Core” playlist (aka RCC) is one of the highlights, featuring an eclectic mix of mainstream pop and indie beats designed to create a high energy mood of exhilaration and adventure. “The tracks feature “seize-the-day” lyrics and a feeling of momentum from artists like Fitz and the Tantrums, U2 and Coldplay,” reads a Royal Caribbean press release.

Ken Eissing, President of Mood Media North America is adamant that music is a critical part of offering passengers a truly immersive at-sea experience. “Royal Caribbean ascended above its competitors within the tourism industry because they value the importance of creating a holistic cruise experience that truly touches all sensory touch points for their loyal guests. They certainly took that mindset to another level with the new Quantum Class, and it’s a very exciting time for them,” he says.

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