Royal Caribbean Goes Green with WWF


As ocean centric companies, cruise lines have an intrinsic appreciation for the environment. Royal Caribbean has now taken its environmental responsibilities one step further, and teamed up with the world’s most iconic eco charity for a new ocean conservation partnership that will see its in-cabin TVs hooked up with a dedicated World Wildlife Fund (WWF) channel. Guests will also enjoy the opportunity to flick through a WWF magazine. As well as instant access to WWF content, passengers will also be able to sign up for conservation-friendly excursions, developed in conjunction with the charity.

Catch all the WWF action, at your fingertips

Royal Caribbean is backing the roll out of the TV channel and eco-friendly shore excursions with a myriad of other environmental pledges. It’s all part of a £3.5 million deal designed to raise environmental awareness, and help the line create a greener, cleaner future.

“Our mantra at Royal Caribbean is ‘Continuous Improvement’, and this partnership with WWF represents a great opportunity to make a big step forward in meeting our special responsibility to protect the oceans,” said Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “It is also gratifying to see that our determination to make a meaningful difference is shared by our employees and our guests. This new partnership aligns all of us at RCL with WWF’s mission to conserve the world’s oceans. Together we are setting aggressive goals and together we will start implementing them right away.”

Five years of eco-friendly cruising

The deal will run for five years, with the official announcement taking place in a remote village in the Philippines. Famous for its abundance of whale sharks, Donsol is one of the many environmental gems that receives support from WWF.

As well as being one of the world’s most famous whale shark sanctuaries, Royal Caribbean also chose the venue in honour of its 11,000 Filipino crew. Together, they form the biggest single national group among the line’s diverse team of employees. The Filipino presence is only set to grow stronger, with Royal Caribbean’s HR group recently announcing plans for a dedicated Manila hiring centre, where it plans to recruit 30,000 new crew members over the coming five years.


Working towards a greener future

As for Royal Caribbean’s green targets, the line has pledged to make an active effort to slash its environmental footprint, and contribute towards the long-term health and well-being of the world’s marine ecosystems. This includes reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2020, as well as sourcing 90% of its fish from sustainable suppliers. More targets will be announced by June 30, with the focus set to revolve around destination stewardship and sustainability.

For WWF, the deal represents a valuable opportunity to tap into Royal Caribbean’s five million annual passengers, and build global awareness. “The threats that are facing the ocean are greater than ever – in the last 30 years, some ocean wildlife populations have declined by nearly 50 percent,” said Carter Roberts, WWF-US President and CEO. “If we are going to reverse the downward trends, we must take serious steps to repair, restore and protect the oceans.”

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