Royal Caribbean Signs on Innovative PR to Attract New Cruisers


Cruises may seem to flow like clockwork when you’re the passenger soaking up all the laid back vibes. However, behind the scenes executives work tirelessly to not only show you an incredible time, but also to attract your business in the first place.

Royal Caribbean is one of the savviest lines in the business and it’s ensuring it retains this crown with the appointment of an innovative new PR who’s got his sights set on attracting new cruisers to the high seas. Sure, cruising is a hugely popular way to holiday but there are still plenty of people who have yet to step foot on a ship. That’s where Rob Zeiger comes in. in his new role as Royal Caribbean VP and global CCO he’ll be focusing on showing first time cruisers just how amazing at sea experiences can be.

There are plenty of challenges on the horizon, with Zeiger explaining that changing existing perceptions is definitely on his radar. “It is a business with its full share of misconceptions and it is an odd paradox, because everyone knows what the ships look like, but very few people actually see them in person,” he says.

So what’s Zeiger got in store for Royal Caribbean and its quest to attract new cruisers from across the globe? Here are three of his strategies, sourced straight from the horse’s mouth.

Focussing on the fun

Contemporary passengers are on the search for fun and affordability, and Zeiger will shine the spotlight on both! Surely it can’t be that hard given the fact that Royal Caribbean ships are positively overflowing with state of the art on-board facilities. “Royal Caribbean is aimed at families who want to do stuff, so on some ships we have skydiving, surfing, rock climbing, ice skating, and ziplining,” he says in an interview. “There is something for every generation.”


The crème de la crème of cuisine

According to Zeiger cruises are often overlooked by what he describes as “the high-expectations demographic.” These types of travellers have “Manhattan- or Brooklyn-level expectations of food” and view cruise cuisine as nothing more than buffets, buffets and more buffets. Zeiger is determined to quash this theory by shining the spotlight on some of the company’s most mouth-watering on-board experiences.

Celebrity’s Le Dîner en Blanc partnership will play a key role, with Zeiger describing it as a “global phenomenon among foodies.” Guests receive last-minute directions to a secret dinner location, accompanied by instructions to dress from head to toe in white. Every guest brings their own food, table, chairs and setting which makes the experience interactive and utterly unique.

Tapping into the Chinese market

China is one of the biggest up and coming cruise markets on the planet, and Zeiger will be targeting the country with vigour. He’s kicking things off with the 2016 April launch of Ovation of the Seas, a ship that’s been designed to show Chinese holidaymakers just how amazing cruising can be. Watch this space!

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