Cunard Launches Special Cocktail with The Savoy and Jack Daniels


To celebrate Queen Mary 2’s current round-the-world cruise; Cunard Line have joined forces with famed London hotel, The Savoy, and whiskey manufacturer, Jack Daniel’s to create a limited edition cocktail. The Age of Discovery cocktail, developed by The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar, will spend four months maturing in a specially selected Jack Daniel’s barrel on board the line’s flagship as she navigates the globe.

The cocktail has been developed as a tribute to the golden age of ocean exploration between the 15th and 18th century, inspired by the tastes and aromas of 39 ports and 29 countries the ship will visit during her historic cruise itinerary.

Passengers aboard the cruise will be able to sample a non-aged version of the cocktail during the round-the-world trip, with the drink available from a number of the on-board bars.

Queen Mary 2nd

Angus Struthers, Cunard director, enthused: “We are delighted to be able to create Age of Discovery during Queen Mary 2’s 2016 world voyage and to be able to offer our guests on the voyage the opportunity to try the non-aged version of this very special cocktail on board our flagship. By combining the special edition cocktail’s aging process with Queen Mary 2’s world voyage we will ensure Age of Discovery is a genuinely unique creation.”

The barrelling of this new cocktail also serves as an experiment for the teams at The Savoy and Jack Daniels, discovering how the spirits react to a range of different temperatures and conditions during the 41,000 nautical mile trip. Fortunately for non-whiskey fans, Jack Daniel’s is not the only spirit included in the cocktail, with a range of liquors added for flavour and in recognition of Cunard’s history.

Neil Donachie, of the Beaufort Bar, added: “The Jack Daniels and Bacardi represent the discovery of the Americas, while the Dubonnet is there as a symbol of Cunard’s royal associations. The spice-infused Madeira, used to sweeten the cocktail, is synonymous with the famous spice trail and oceanic expeditions.”

At Cruise1st, we’d like to express our interest in sampling the end result when Queen Mary 2 returns to Southampton in the spring. Cunard? Please?

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Marnie Joyce, stereotyp-0815


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