Norwegian Escape Breaks Social Media Record


2015 may end up being remembered as the year the cruise industry started to put accusations of poor on-board WiFi connectivity well and truly in the past. With major cruise lines vastly improving their ship’s internet connections and services, passengers are now treated to web surfing speeds comparable to those found on land.

And now right at the end of the year, Norwegian Cruise Line have announced their newest ship celebrated a record-breaking social media milestone during its inaugural celebrations. Passengers logged an amazing 576,896 Facebook, 14,150 tweets and 11,367 Instagram posts during the celebrations – many of which were undoubtedly showing off to friends and family at home.


This accomplishment was ably supported by the ship’s advanced web connection, the EMC advanced hybrid. This was complemented by the complimentary access to social media channels, encouraging users to snap, brag and boast their way across the seas. Additionally, the line organised a number of events such as Instagram scavenger hunts to get all the passengers involved.

The combined 159 million social media impressions registered aboard the Norwegian Escape during her inaugural celebrations represents a 330% on the line’s previous most prolific inaugural event.

Ross Henderson, vice president of on-board revenue for Norwegian Cruise Line, enthused: “We’re proud to set a new record for social media usage at sea during Norwegian Escape’s inaugural events, in partnership with EMC. Our number one ambition is to exceed guest expectations and based on the hundreds of thousands of social media posts, it was clear we delivered on an outstanding experience, including connectivity.”

NCL Escape - NCL Media Center

EMC is largely responsible for tracking and supporting internet usage on mobile devices aboard cruise ships and ferries since the boom of the social media industry.

Brent Horwitz, president of cruise and ferry services, added: “Our goal is to make sure our cruise partners’ guests and crew have the same connectivity experience on board as they have at home. On top of that, Norwegian challenged us with a robust schedule of ongoing social media activities that significantly increased engagement and we were happy to exceed their expectations.”

If you’re looking for a fully connected cruise aboard the Norwegian Escape, visit our dedicated NCL page, here, or call us now on 0808 2746 777.

Images sourced via Norwegian Cruise Line Press Centre and Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: mkhmarketing


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