Royal Caribbean Host World’s First Ever Kickboxing Cruise


Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas will play host to the world’s first ever kickboxing cruise in partnership with sports and fitness giant, CKO Kickboxing. CKO at Sea will be a five-night cruise from New Jersey to Bermuda, with a two-day overnight stay in the North Atlantic island’s King’s Wharf resort.

CKO Kickboxing have long been at the forefront of the surge in popularity the sport has enjoyed as more and more people use the discipline to improve their fitness, dexterity and strength every year. The cruise is open to both CKO members and non-members alike, although the former will receive a number of additional benefits including unlimited access to regular nutrition classes.

Joseph Andreula, founder and president of CKO Kickboxing, enthused: “We wanted to offer our members and our franchisees a chance to have a fascinating adventure on a great cruise line to a fantastic destination. Our members can enjoy a great time with their friends and families and meet new people who share similar interests. They can enjoy five days full of fun and fitness.


“Most people go on a typical vacation and they don’t exercise. They come back feeling heavy and bloated. With ‘CKO at Sea,’ they’ll work out in the fresh air with first-class instructors so they’ll come back home feeling fit and refreshed.”

Kickboxing classes will be held every day of the cruise for guests, held by fully-trained and industry-leading experts.

The Freedom Class ship, Liberty of the Seas, is set to reposition this November to New Jersey until the following May when she will move again to Galveston, Texas. Until the 2009 launch of the Oasis of the Seas, Liberty was the joint largest cruise ship on the seas.

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