Royal Caribbean Invests in Improvements to CocoCay


Regular visitors to Royal Caribbean’s private island, CocoCay, have noticed significant improvement works have been undertaken. A mixture of superficial, logistical and transportation improvements have been made by the line to ensure that all guests enjoy the ultimate luxury experience during their stay on the island retreat.

One of the most noticeable changes is the implementation of new trams to transport guests to Barefoot Beach. Replacing the shuttles pulled by tractors, the new trams provide a quieter, smoother and more comfortable ride.

Additionally new tram routes have been excavated to transport guests to the beach in quicker time. The new routes are flanked by banks of sand which have been dug up to create safe passage for the trams to make their way to the beach.

Royal Caribbean Press Center - CocoCay

New hygiene facilities have been built close to Barefoot Beach, including fresh water showers – giving guests the chance to wash salt water from their hair and skin after a refreshing dip in the sea. There have been reports that a new restroom is planned for the beach, replacing the outhouse located about two minute walks from the cabanettes.

And talking of the cabanettes, it appears as though they have been rebranded. The small covered lounging areas are now referred to as Beach Loungers – perhaps clearing any confusion regarding the name. The loungers are available to rent for $50 for 2 people for 2 big bottles of water, fruit platters and towels.

Cococay is Royal Caribbean’s private island, regularly visited by the line’s ships sailing out of Florida to undertake itineraries around the Caribbean.  The island provides a wide range of unique experiences such as snorkelling and the firm family favourite: Aqua Park – a floating action park jam-packed with rides, slides and trampolines.

Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center and Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: A. Duarte


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