Royal Caribbean is awarded the STEP Program Gold-Level-Eco-Certification


Royal Caribbean’s private island, CocoCay, situated in the serene and beautiful Bahamas, is already a coveted destination for its passengers. The island has now won another accolade after being awarded the Gold-Level Eco-Certification as part of the Sustainable Tourism Education Program (STEP). This award has been given for CocoCay’s dedicated to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly operations throughout its attractions and tour operations.

The non-profit organisation Sustainable Travel International presented the award, which is in the top level of the STEP program and is officially recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Sustainable Travel International has been a global leader in promoting responsible travel since 2002. In an increasingly globalised world, with more and more people going on holiday, the organisation prizes itself on helping businesses of all sizes respond to the challenge of matching sustainability with the impact of tourism and creating positive solutions to protect the environment. CocoCay is unique in being the first ever to be awarded this prestigious award, a reflection of Royal Caribbean’s achievement of the STEP program’s goals.

As part of the decision-making process, a third party independent of both Royal Caribbean and Sustainable Travel International, assessed the operations on CocoCay. This included the working practices of its employees, the guest communications and importantly the policies geared towards environmental management. It was because Royal Caribbean showed that it provides excellence in all aspects of its operation on CocoCay that it won the Gold-Level-Eco-Certification.

Specifically, Royal Caribbean was marked out for showing excellence in the following categories: policy and documentation; guest communications, group-size policy, guest education and codes of conduct. Royal Caribbean were also praised for making sure that all vendors on the island sell products made within the Bahamas, including local craftworks and artworks.

“We are very proud of our CocoCay team and the incredible work they do every day. It is through their dedication to sustainability initiatives that CocoCay has been awarded this prestigious certification that further emphasizes our commitment to environmental stewardship. By working with organizations such as Sustainable Travel International, Royal Caribbean continues to focus on providing an incredible vacation experience both onboard its ships and its private destinations like CocoCay.”

— Royal Caribbean Associate Vice President for Safety and Environmental Stewardship, Rich Pruitt

About Royal Caribbean:

Royal Caribbean is a world leader in the cruise industry. Over the years since its founding it has built up a reputation as a company providing high-quality cruise travel. Royal Caribbean’s fleet of ships sails to over 260 destinations throughout the world, so anyone can find the right trip to suit them. What’s more, Royal Caribbean offers a fantastic range of activities and facilities for all of its passengers. These include great activities such as live music, swimming, rock climbing and a wide range of bars and restaurants so you can relax in style. With its spectacular onshore locations, Royal Caribbean provides all-round holiday excellence.


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