University of Liverpool Opens Cunard History Showcase


To celebrate the cruise line’s 175th anniversary, the University of Liverpool has put together a huge archive of memorabilia to showcase to the public for the first time ever. Cunard 175 – a Voyage Through History has been made public this week by the University of Liverpool Library, Special Collections & Archives.

This is just part of the city-wide celebration of Cunard, currently held in Liverpool – marking the longstanding bond between the Mersey city and the cruise line. The archive is made up of historical documents and artefacts including records and marketing materials. Photographs and print adverts from the golden age of transatlantic travel are on display – giving a unique insight into the cruise industry of yesteryear.

The collection boasts the vast majority of surviving business records – including a passengers list from 1842 with the signature of Charles Dickens who travelled aboard the Britannia in 1842. The collection also marks Cunard’s unique contribution to the war efforts during WWI and WWII, including a bound copy of the Lusitania Daily Bulletin from 1912 – the ship famously sunk by a German U-Boat three years later.

Lusitania - paukrus

The exhibition, which covers more than 400 metres, is open to the public until 1 September 2015. Guests can enter the exhibition between 9.30am until 4.45pm at the Special Collections and Archives. Visitors may be expected to show some form of ID such as a bank card or travel pass before entering the exhibition.

The exhibition is a must-see for any cruise fans interested in history or how Cunard grew and developed as a business.

Other highlights of the Cunard 175 celebrations have included the meeting of the three ships currently in the line’s fleet. Queens Elizabeth, Victoria and Mary 2 met in the Mersey and paraded for the gathering crowds – a unique spectacle for maritime enthusiasts to enjoy.

Images sourced via Wikipedia Creative Commons and Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: paukrus.


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