Cruise1st To Open New Interactive Store in MediaCity


At Cruise1st, we are proud to announce that we will be opening our first ever physical store in the first quarter of 2017. The 5,000 sq ft store in the Lowry Outlet in Media City, Salford, will help cruise virgins identify the lines, ships and itineraries which will best suit their tastes

Packed with unique, interactive elements, our new store provides the perfect platform for those new to the world of cruising to take their first steps towards a holiday experience of a lifetime. The dedicated and hugely experienced staff manning the store will be on hand to help introduce customers to the unbelievable selection of cruise experiences taking place all around the world.

The Lowry Outlet has been identified as the perfect place to open Cruise1st’s first physical store. Not only is it close to Cruise1st’s headquarters, it is also part of the thriving and growing MediaCity development, which is home to the BBC, ITV Granada and a huge selection of bars, restaurants, cafés and the amazing theatre, The Lowry. This significant footfall and diverse crowd passing through the Lowry Outlet will give the Cruise1st team plenty of opportunity to introduce new to cruise customers to the world of holidaying on the seas.

cruise1st store lowry outlet mediacity

The site of the new Cruise1st store in MediaCity’s Lowry Outlet.

We believe that this move will complement our thriving web presence and our popular television channel. Providing existing cruise fans with more ways to book, and offering a more comprehensive introduction to cruise holidays for the uninitiated means we can bring our excellent deals to a much larger audience.

Our managing director, Daniel Townsley, had this to say:

“The Northwest has a large demographic for cruises and research shows that people will travel some distance to get specialist knowledge.  We aim to make the new store educational, comfortable and an environment where technology and virtual experiences will give our customers a richer experience that no other travel agent selling cruise can offer.

“The store will complement our TV Cruise Channel, Online & Print media and will help increase our new to cruise customer portfolio.

“We feel the Lowry shopping centre is the perfect location for our new store. Our excellent long-standing relationship with Peel Holdings and their recently announced investments of £13m in the Lowry Mall and £1bn in MediaCity creates a fantastic opportunity for Cruise1st to raise the bar for the customer’s cruise buying experience, and to capitalize on the rapid and ongoing development of the retail and leisure environment and changing demographics.”

travel agent shop cruise packages

And in the long term, the Cruise1st team are hoping to replicate the store in other locations, giving more people the chance to chat to cruise experts and find the package which will prove most rewarding and best suited to their tastes.

More details about the store and the interactive experiences provided for customers will be revealed in the coming months, before the grand launch. Be sure to expect a few surprising and exciting twists along the way, as the Cruise1st team look to make the physical store more of an experience than a shop.

And if you can’t wait until next year to get your cruise fix and book your next trip on the seas, you can still access all of our fantastic deals on our online shop. Simply head over to our homepage for the full selection, or call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777.


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