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The last 12 months in the cruise industry have been jam-packed with excitement, revolutionary new ships and top stories. And at Cruise1st, we tried to cover all the big news over the year to keep you guys informed and interested. So, we’re going to have a look at which news stories and features got you clicking in 2015 with our top seven most popular blogs of the year.

101 Incredible Cruise Ship Facts

It’s obvious that our blog fans love to get plenty of value from posts, with this bumper feature proving the most popular of the year. The facts were collected from a range of different sources as well as the deepest depths of our own memories. From little tidbits about how cruise ships are built to shocking revelations about where Finland’s first ever cruise ship ended up. We’re currently trying to pen a sequel, if we can scrape together another 101 facts.

We even cheekily chipped in with a 102nd fact, because we believe you guys deserve the very best.

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Royal Caribbean Drink Package

You guys really have mastered the equally important arts of saving cash on your holiday and total relaxation, regularly clicking on our complete guide to Royal Caribbean drink packages. Whetting your appetite with the different packages available, we even offered a few insider tips to making sure your booze kitty goes further.

Mature couple drinking a cocktail beside the swimming pool

The Best Time to Book Your 2016 Cruise is Now

Maybe it was the immediacy of the title, but you guys could not get enough of this blog. Alerted to a one-time opportunity to book your 2016 cruise, you flocked to this blog to understand why 9 April 2015 was the perfect time. The one thing that we didn’t tell you in the title however is that it’s always a good time to book a cruise with Cruise1st.

Although, those of you who heeded our advice on that fateful April morning will now be anticipating a fast-approaching cruise holiday.

11 Days of Anthem of the Seas

In the run up to the launch of the Anthem of the Seas, we ran a ’20 Days of…’ feature in which we covered a different exciting element of the ship every day. A number of the days captured your imagination, but none more so than Day 11 – the West End Shows. The Queen-inspired musical We Will Rock You continues to be a big hit amongst passengers aboard the Anthem – with the dystopian tale backed by classic Queen tracks.

Two70° lounge, Anthem of the Seas

50 Books to Read on This Year’s Cruise Holiday

From children’s books to time-tested classics, we put together a list of great reads for your summer cruise, and you all seemed to appreciate it. This topic will certainly be revisited this year as the booklovers at Cruise1st clamour to share more of their literary loves with you all.

New Ships Entering Service in 2016

One of the great joys of avidly following the cruise industry is the prospect of stunning new ships on the horizon. And 2016 looks set to be a bumper year for new vessels entering into service, with Harmony of the Seas set to become the largest cruise ship in operation. This year will be busy for Royal Caribbean with Harmony joined by brand new Quantum Class vessel, Anthem of the Seas, and returning fleet member Empress of the Seas.

Harmony Front - Royal Caribbean Press Center

Harmony of the Seas to Combine Oasis and Quantum Features

And talking of the Harmony of the Seas, everyone’s tongues were wagging in Feb when Royal Caribbean started releasing info about what the mega ship was due to feature. The revelation that it was to combine Oasis and Quantum Class features sent the industry news hounds into overdrive, with our story capturing much attention.

Thanks for a great 2015, and we hope that you continue to enjoy all the features and news we release, checking back here regularly.

And as ever, if you’re looking for a great deal on a cruise deal – please visit our homepage or give our team a call now on 0808 2746 777.

Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center


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