How to Discover the Largest Tropical Rainforest on Earth by Cruise


As the largest tropical rain-forest on the planet, the Amazon is a nature lover’s paradise. And what better way to explore the diverse ecosystem than from the luxury of a world class cruise liner?

With incredible on-board facilities, exotic ports and immersive shore excursions, there is simply no better way to experience the Amazon. To help shed some light on what’s available, we’ve put together an overview of two of our favourite Amazon cruises what you can expect to see, do and experience!

Amazon and South America – P&O Cruises

Departing on December 11th 2015, this 29 night cruise on-board the exclusive adults only Adonia is an indisputably special way to spend the festive season. Passengers get their first glimpse of the Amazon as the ship pulls into Guyana‘s charming capital, Georgetown. Next stop is the Brazilian port of Santarem. This destination is famous for the spectacular ‘Wedding of the Waters,’ a natural wonder that sees the Tapajos and Amazon meet as one.

The Nature Walk shore excursion is a great way to learn about the lush plant and wildlife, while the Amazon Experience tour includes a boat cruise to Terra Nova Island and a visit to the incredible Victoria-Regias giant water lilies. Set on the banks of the Amazon, the picturesque town of Parintins offers passengers an authentic taste of indigenous Amazonian life. During port time in Manaus, a Rainforest Walk excursion is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with what’s under the lush green canopy.

Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage – Holland America Line

For those with a true taste or adventure, this 68 night cruise on-board MS Prinsendaam will not disappoint. In the port city of Manaus, passengers can sign up for the exclusive Alligators by Night shore excursion where they can come face to face with Lake January’s toothiest residents. Those who prefer a little less excitement can spend the night in the Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge. Here, guests can explore hidden jungle trails, sample local cuisine and keep an eye out for native Amazonian wildlife.

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