Escape for Winter – Quick!


Well, now that the unseasonal sunshine has passed, all of us Brits should start planning our winter holidays to avoid the inevitable big freeze that we seem to get every year these days. It may have been 29 degrees C at the beginning of October, but the end of October is set to be a cold one with snow already forecasted for some parts of the UK.

I don’t know about you, but I like nothing better than jetting off to somewhere exotic in the winter (preferably on a cruise!). Sure, summer holidays are great but you’re not really avoiding terrible weather by going on holiday when it’s summer back home anyway. The best holidays are in winter when you leave all your friends and family behind with a smile on your face and head off to catch some winter rays.
There are plenty of cruises which you can go on in the British winter to catch some sunshine – Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Australia… you name it! Australian cruises have grown in popularity massively in recent years, and not just for Aussies. Remember folks, our winter is their summer so it really is one of the best places to escape to if you’re after some sun.
If you’re just starting to feel a bit chilly now and fancy escaping already to put off the onset of winter then why not grab a late deal to Egypt or somewhere else as fantastically hot in that region? Some parts of Europe are still experiencing fab summer temperatures so it’s not too late to grab a med deal if you fancy it!

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