MSC Cruises Offers Free Cruises for Arts and Crafts Tutors


MSC Cruises have entered into a partnership with a Liverpool businessman, offering arts and crafts tutors a chance to cruise for free whilst hosting on-board classes and workshops. Gordon Parr set up the Cruise Arts & Crafts Association last year and has now come to an agreement with MSC to supply workshop leaders to many of the line’s luxury itineraries.

Passengers will be able to enjoy a diverse range of arts and crafts disciplines during workshops led by passionate experts. The Cruise Arts & Crafts Association runs a strict selection process ensuring only talented and experienced tutors will operate aboard the ship.

The tutors and workshop leaders will not be remunerated for their time and effort but will be able to board the cruise and assume all passenger rights without paying for a ticket. Only a £40 per day payment must be made by the tutors the Cruise Arts & Crafts Association – which still represents a significant saving. Additionally the tutors will have access to connecting flights, free port parking and free/heavily discounted on-board drinks.

Mr Parr explained: “You must be able to hold proper arts and crafts workshops during the cruise and they must be done properly – you can’t just go on and wing it. There would also be an allowance of up to 800 euros to spend on arts and crafts materials.”

The former Household Cavalry member previously ran the Cruise Lecturers Association – supplying expert lecturers to cruise lines all around the world. Mr Parr himself had lectured aboard ships on a number of topics including the Tudors and the Crimean War.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Gary Bembridge.


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