MSC Seaside Takes a Step Closer to Service, Completing its First Sea Trials


MSC Cruises’ upcoming prototype ship, MSC Seaside, has successfully completed its first sea trials, as excitement for the vessel’s November launch reaches new highs. The 5,197-passenger ship left the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy and took to the waters for 72 hours, before returning to its construction base where the finishing touches will be applied.

The sea trials are an important stage for every ship during construction, confirming that the blueprints and engineering insights are all accurate. Guaranteeing that the ship is safe for operation (and, importantly, floats) the water trials are often the first sign that the grand plans of a new cruise ship are coming to fruition.

As the first next-gen cruise ship from MSC Cruises, the line will be extra pleased that MSC Seaside has completed its sea trials with no issues.

MSC Seaside 1 - MSC Press Area

The first member of the Seaside Class of ships from MSC Cruises, MSC Seaside will boast a unique array of incredible features and amenities. Complete with a custom-built, multi-level waterpark, the two longest zip lines at sea, and a massive 934-seat theatre – MSC Seaside will focus extensively on family fun.

But that is not to say there aren’t amenities for couples and groups of friends planning on holidaying on board MSC Seaside. With 11 dining venues, 19 bars and lounges, and port calls around the Caribbean – there’s plenty of opportunity to let your hair down and party in style.

Amongst the highlights of the ship’s interior are the two amazing glass lifts, the glass-floored catwalks and the 360° promenade. These features, amongst a wealth of other innovative design flourishes, are guaranteed to set MSC Seaside apart from other upcoming ocean liners set to debut in 2017 and 2018.

After a fulfilling day exploring the world’s oceans on board MSC Seaside, the ship offers a great selection of suites and staterooms to retire to, with almost ¾ of all rooms boasting a balcony. More than 100 family cluster cabins are available for larger groups, and those looking for a more opulent stay – the 28 luxury suites with private whirlpool bath should suffice.

MSC Seaside will also feature the line’s much-loved Yacht Club for guests in the pricier suites – providing exclusive access to private lounges and 24-hour concierge service.

The ship is set to be joined by two other members of the Seaside Class: MSC Seaview in June 2018, and the as-yet-unnamed vessel (currently known by the secretive codename: Project Seaside III) slated to enter service in May 2021.

If you’re keen to be amongst the first to experience the wonders of MSC Seaside, and the Seaside Class of ships, head over to our dedicated MSC Cruises page, here. Or for more information and assistance booking a cruise, call our helpful team on 0808 2746 777.  

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