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Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is one of the most hotly-anticipated cruise ships of all time. As one-half of the announced Quantum Class of ships which are set to include a number of world firsts at sea and have been dubbed the world’s first Smartships; the Anthem of the Seas has got many industry tongues wagging. Royal Caribbean have this week revealed a few new innovate, exciting technological features which will be included on the Anthem of the Seas, sure to get you all excited for the ship’s launch next April.

Intelligent Checking In

With a maximum capacity of more than 4,000 passengers, Royal Caribbean are introducing an efficient and speedy checking in system designed to ensure passengers have to wait no more than 10 minutes before boarding the ship, meaning they can get down to the serious business of relaxing and having fun, quicker.

Passengers will be able to check in online and receive digital boarding documentation which they can use to effortlessly board the ship. This will have additionally have a knock-on effect on the passengers not comfortable with online checking-in due to the reduction in numbers checking-in manually.

Furthermore, all pieces of luggage will be fitted with ID devices, allowing passengers to keep track of their belongings whilst checking in, using their mobile devices.


Bionic Bar

The Bionic Bar is a slightly flashier feather in Anthem of the Sea’s cap. The bar will incorporate robotic bar staff, mixing a wide range of cocktails for passengers. Thirsty passengers need only enter their order on a tablet in the bar and the robotic bar staff will prepare and serve their drinks with speed and accuracy.

However, it is yet to be announced whether the robots will channel their inner Tom Cruise’s and treat passengers to a bit of flairing.

Faster Internet

One of the issues many cruise liners have been trying to address for the past decade is the difficulty of providing fast internet connections whilst hundreds of miles out at sea. However, utilising new technology, Royal Caribbean are confident their newest liner will have an internet capable of allowing 4,000+ passengers browse the web, stream videos and even video conference with loved ones back on the shore.

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson revealed: “[The new fleet] will operate with unprecedented bandwidth using satellites launched by tech partner O3B Networks . With speeds that match fast broadband connections onshore, guests can be online 24/7, no matter what personal device they bring on board. Guests can watch streaming video, check email, share images on social media and enjoy face-to-face video conversations — even in the middle of the ocean.”

Anthem of the Seas Tablet

Connected Crew

It is not just the passengers who will have access to improved technologies aboard the Anthem of the Seas, with all crew members being given Windows tablets to help them stay connected which each other and passengers. The tablets will all contain stored information about passengers so crew members can immediately check any medical needs, dietary requirements or preferences, allowing them to efficiently offer more personalised service.

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Images via Royal Caribbean Press Center


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