Want to Cruise Forever? Crystal Cruises Now Selling Homes On board their Fleet


Apparently inspired by the life and retirement of the late Bea Muller; Crystal Cruises have announced they plan on selling full-time homes aboard a number of ships in their fleet. The luxury  cruise line has announced that they intend to sell the homes to families and single dwellers offering six-bedroom penthouses alongside studio flats.

Permanent dwellers of the luxury accommodation will also have full access to the mini submarines, helicopters and zodiacs owned and operated by Crystal Cruises. The floating homes will be made available on upcoming ships which will be taking to the seas as early as 2018.

In a bid to produce a community spirit amongst the permanent residents of the ships – Crystal Cruises will position all the homes on the top decks of the ships and open a private restaurant, separate from holidaymakers. Dedicated to providing a luxury experience, Crystal Cruises are employing the culinary skills of Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs to cater for the lucky residents.

Crystal Cruises are yet to announce the prices for the homes aboard the upcoming ships – but it is anticipated that they could be in the millions, even for the smallest suites.

The World - Kabacchi

The World is currently the only cruise ship which offers permanent residence throughout the year. The ship is entirely made up of permanent residents who own the 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments and 40 studios. Sailing around the world, the ship features six restaurants alongside the kitchen facilities for residents. Internet access is available throughout the ship, and classes in dance, navigation, language, cooking, arts and crafts, music, computers, and photography are all provided.

Unlike The World, the new ships from Crystal Cruises will also offer cabins and staterooms for holidaymakers to explore the seas and new lands alongside the permanent residents. The ships are set to be prototype Polar Ice-Class ships, with the first arriving in 2018. No names have been announced for the ships.

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