The Weirdest Themed Cruises Ever!


Combining the luxury of cruise travel with the excitement of the guests’ great passions in life; themed cruise trips can prove to be a truly exceptional experience on the high seas. Wine tasting cruises and cookery cruises are particularly popular with cruise fans who enjoy the finer things in life and bettering their knowledge of their passions.

With this in mind, many cruise lines and independent holiday operators have gone to great lengths to organise unique, eye-catching themed trips aboard luxury liners. Whilst some of these prove to be hugely popular with guests, some of them look outright unusual to outsiders. Here, we have a look at seven of the weirdest themed cruises ever. Not that we’re saying these cruise wouldn’t be fun, we just wouldn’t ever have dreamed of organising them!

R Kelly Cruise

R&B singer R Kelly has long been a controversial figure, venturing headfirst into projects that other artists could not possibly conceive. Although he may best be known for the global smash, I Believe I Can Fly, Kelly’s long-lasting legacy could be his frankly bizarre hip hopera (a hip hop opera), Trapped in the Closet.

However, he definitely won’t be remembered for the R Kelly Cruise. The singer claimed the organiser neglected to pay him, and he refused to perform – meaning the whole thing had to be cancelled.

Steampunk Cruise

Celebrating the increasingly popular subgenre of science fiction, the Steampunk Cruise is kind of a mixture of Doctor Who and the 90s Will Smith film, Wild Wild West. Steampunk is typified as an fictionalised futuristic version of the past (if that makes sense) and this cruise invites guests to dress up as their favourite Steampunk characters (which looks a bit like this) and enjoy a lot of harmless fun.

Steampunk - stephane

Cougar Cruise

Sorry if you’re a fan of big cats and exotic wildlife, and got excited about the prospect of a cruise upon which you could come face-to-face with majestic cougars, this cruise caters for the other definition of cougars – mature women who enjoy the company of younger men. The annual cruise has been set up for cougars and cubs (young men who desire the company of older women) to mingle.

Cruise Trek

There are few shows which have inspired such a dedicated and long-lasting fan base as Star Trek. Since the show first aired almost 50 years ago, Trekkies have been getting together at conventions and events to share their passion for the show and their own fan theories. These fans can now converge on the seas, thanks to Cruise Trek. The organisers may be influenced to hold next year’s event aboard one of the Quantum Class ships, as they’re about as high-tech as the Enterprise spaceship from the show.

Star Trek - Rob Speed

Zombie Cruise

Have you ever spent a day on the seas aboard a luxury cruise ship and thought: “This is perhaps a little TOO relaxing and perfect”? Well the Walker Stalker Cruise may be the perfect tonic for such concerns. Based on the zombie TV show, Walking Dead, the cruise gives guests the chance to enjoy zombie-based fun and scares. Basically the entire cruise will look like the early morning risers after a boisterous Captain’s Party.

Zombie - Josh Jensen

The Goth Cruise

Although goths and cruise holidays don’t really seem to go hand-in-hand, the Goth Cruise aboard the Carnival Dream proved to be surprisingly popular. Giving our sun-shy friends the chance to meet one another aboard the high seas and enjoy dressing up as vampires, listening to goth metal and enjoying a game or two of twister.


Apple products have inspired a unique dedication from techies. Every time a new iPhone or iPad comes out, it’s guaranteed that newspapers will feature a piece about how dedicated fans have camped outside the Apple store for three nights to become the first to buy the new technology. Insight Cruises have also noticed this and organised the MacMania cruise, giving guests the chance to swap tips and enjoy lectures about computers, phones and tablet devices.

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