3 Days of Anthem of the Seas – Entertainment for Teens


With just three days until the launch of the Anthem of the Seas, we address the often-sulky elephant in the room – the most difficult demographic to satisfy: teenagers. Cruise lines, holiday companies, teachers, parents and counsellors have long deliberated about how best to connect with the teenage audience and develop common ground in order to appeal to their tastes and interests and help them visibly enjoy themselves.

The Quantum Class of ships have gone further than any other cruise ships in a bid to make teenage cruise passengers feel comfortable and enjoy themselves when holidaying on the seas. Helping to develop an environment in which teenagers are able to choose whether they want to integrate with their peers inside or outside of the planned activities – Anthem elegantly avoids telling teens what to do and where to do it.

Dedicated Teen Areas

The bittersweet sadness of teenage independence which parents suffer is unavoidable in many cases as the youngsters strive for a sense of freedom away from parents and other figures of authority. Whilst it’s lovely to picture a family holiday where the kids get along famously and the whole family gets together to play Yahtzee while drinking hot chocolates – it is healthy to allow the teens a little private time.

The Anthem of the Seas has dedicated supervised spaces for teens, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy themselves without mum and dad. The comprehensively stocked areas are packed with amenities and facilities including Xboxes, games machines and chill-out spaces.


Never Condescending

Operating teens clubs for ages up to 17, the Royal Caribbean team strive to treat the teenagers like the young adults they are, never falling into the trap of being condescending or mollycoddling. Offering age-specific entertainment, the groups are ideal for the teens to meet their peers.

We’d recommend encouraging your teens to attend a youth club on the first night of the cruise, helping them make new friends.

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Images courtesy of Royal Caribbean Press Centre.


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