5 Days of Anthem of the Seas – High Speed Internet


If you have a cabin booked aboard the maiden voyage of the Anthem of the Seas and are desperately trying to sort all your work emails before packing your bags and setting sail – you needn’t worry, thanks to internet speeds which are faster than any other found on cruise ships.

Fast and reliable internet connections have become one of the biggest problems faced by cruise lines over the past 15 years with the IT teams struggling to solve the problem of connecting 4,000 people to the web whilst hundreds of miles out to sea. Royal Caribbean, in partnership with O3b Networks, seem to have found the solution, having developed internet speeds comparable with leading on-shore providers.

Better Connection

The ships of the Quantum Class have used this high speed internet to provide a more connected cruising experience. All of the crew members aboard the Anthem of the Seas will have their own Windows tablet to use during cruises. This tablet will be jam-packed with information about all the guests’ needs from dietary requirements to any illnesses and disabilities. This can help the crew meet the requirements of all guests, quicker and more efficiently.

The Royal iQ app is available for all guests to use on board the Anthem of the Seas, allowing them to make dinner, spa and shore excursion reservations using their phone or tablet device from the comfort of their bed or bath.

Internet 3

Keeping in Touch

The improved speed of the internet connection makes it easier for cruise guests to keep in touch with friends and family back on the shore – the connections are strong enough to support video chatting.

The Xbox lounge also means it is possible to continue gaming with your friends on the shore and arch FIFA-enemies.


Images Courtesy of Royal Caribbean Press Centre.


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