Can I Get Duty Free Alcohol and Tobacco on a Cruise?


Whilst every cruise company has their own policies regarding the acquisition and consumption of alcohol and tobacco aboard their liners, many offer the duty-free sale of such products.

This is ideal for passengers who want to buy presents for loved ones back on land or purchase a commemorative keepsake to remember the journey by.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival cruises offer duty-free alcohol and tobacco throughout many of their on-board ships. Their alcohol policy does require that the person buying the drink must be aged 21 and over. Furthermore, alcohol bought on board from one of the shops will be retained until the last night of the cruise and then distributed to the buying party.

Royal Caribbean

Duty-free alcohol and cigarettes are available in many of the shops on Royal Caribbean cruise liners. The purchase of duty-free cigarettes is limited to 200 per person if travelling outside of the EU. For smokers, there are dedicated smoking areas on the ship but these are reserved for cigarettes that were purchased prior to boarding the ship. Guests found to breech the smoking rules will be fined $250. Similar to Carnival Cruises, the sale of alcohol is restricted to passengers over the age of 21.

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Princess Cruises

With up 30% of mainland retail prices, Princess Cruises’ on-board shops are hugely popular with passengers buying alcohol and cigarettes. In a similar vain to Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises will retain duty-free alcohol board on the ship until the last night and will then give it to the passenger before the depart.

Celebrity Cruises

As well as some Celebrity Cruise ships offering free cocktails in their casinos, the liner stocks a wide range of tax and duty-free tobacco and cigarette and alcohol products. The sale of alcohol is reserved for over 21s only unless a parent signs a waiver allowing the sale of alcohol to their offspring aged 18-20.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Alcohol and Cigarettes bought duty-free again will be retained until the last day of the cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line holidays. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with a free cocktail being provided for attendees to the captain’s cocktail party.

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