Cruising Alone


For many people, going on holiday alone can be a daunting prospect. Will people stare at you and think you’re odd when you’re dining alone? Will you get lost in a strange country with nobody to turn to? Well if you would like to holiday alone then why not consider doing so on a cruise? Many ships are now adding additional single cabins as cruising solo grows and grows in popularity.

On a cruise ship, you are in a safe, enclosed environment and on smaller ships, there really is a community feel as you see the same faces again and again. If you want to meet new people, it is easy to do so, but if you want to keep yourself to yourself, then that’s fine too.

With organised excursions, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or finding yourself in a sticky situation when you fall for the latest holiday scam. You can also spend your time exploring different countries with new friends who you meet on the cruise ship.

Many cruises now offer meetings and get togethers specifically for anyone who is travelling alone. This way, all the solo travellers who are interested in meeting other people on their holiday have a chance to do so in relaxed, informal environment. No awkward situations here as you’re all in the same boat… no pun intended!

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise for yourself, try and get in early to secure a single cabin and keep the cost down as much as possible. If you can’t secure a single cabin, then why not wait until some last minute deals come up on the sailing you are interested in and grab a great cruise deal just a few days before the ship sets sail? Call our sales team now on 0808 274 6777.


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