What to Expect on your First Cruise Holiday


With their unique structure and almost limitless choice, there can be a number of surprises for guests on their first cruise holiday. From the food selections to on-board entertainment, here we have a look at what to expect on your first cruise.

New Opportunities

The inclusive nature of cruise packages means you have almost limitless access to a wide range of new experiences and activities. From rock-climbing to skydiving, modern cruise ships are packed full of activities you traditionally may not try out. With skilled professionals and tutors aboard the ships, it is the perfect opportunity to try out something new. And even if you don’t enjoy the new experience, it won’t have cost you extra!


New Friends

Despite capacities in the thousands, many cruise ships seem to naturally cultivate a neighbourly atmosphere with strangers more excited to meet new people and make new friends. This is particularly true of more experienced cruisers who enjoy sharing their know-how with the newbies. For new cruisers who actively want to make new friends, the dining rooms in many ships offer the option to sit with new people.

Professional Entertainment

Many first time cruisers are shocked by the quality of the entertainment aboard the ships. Expecting cheesy, amateur performances traditionally found in 2 star Benidorm resorts, cruise guests are often blown away by high budget Broadway productions of classic musicals and theatrical performances from Cats to We Will Rock You. The entertainment aboard many ships is incredibly diverse with unique performances such as stunt divers and the famous Blue Man Group.

Royal Caribbean Ice Skating Show


Many younger families are put off the prospect of cruising due to misconceptions about the demographics of the holiday. However, cruise holidays are becoming increasingly popular with the family market, with ships incorporating more and more features and amenities for the children and adults under the age of 40.

Pinterest; Lego Gizmodo

Excursions to the Heart of the Action

Cruise companies understand that one of the big factors which determines the cruise selection of holidaymakers is the port stops and shore excursions of the itinerary. Cruise lines offer comprehensive excursions into the heart of destinations, allowing passengers a true taste of new worlds and cultures. From the history cities of the ancient Mediterranean to the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, cruise holidays provide a unique array of experiences.



The thought of sharing a floating island with 4,000 other passengers may be off-putting for holidaymakers who love a bit of personal space on their trips. However, the wide range of ship features aboard the major liners ensures there is always a private reading room, bar or lounge where guests can enjoy a little privacy.

Freedom of Food

Hosting passengers for a week, cruise ships are dedicated to ensuring their culinary choices are never exhausted and a palate never goes unsatisfied. With some cruise ships having upwards of 28 different on-board restaurants and eateries, the vessels truly are floating resorts. From classic pub grub to sophisticated haute cuisine and everything in between, there are almost limitless dining choices at sea.

French cuisine - Clafoutis, Moules, Coquilles Saint-Jacques and Cassoulet. Flickr Creative Commons: Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin, Ben Brown, francois schnell and Jonathan Caves.

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