Which Itinerary?


One of the best things about cruising is the chance to venture into several different places during one holiday. The challenge is knowing which itinerary to go for, especially with the amount of options out there now.

There are various things you can do to make the challenge easier – but mostly you need to think about what you like in a holiday. Are you into history and culture? Or do you like shopping and nightlife? Maybe you are more of a beach lover, and want to visit several relaxation spots?

Alternatively, if you are a city lover, why not try a cruise itinerary which visits two fantastic cities in one go? For example – Hong Kong to Singapore? Or Barcelona to Athens?


About Author

Martin has worked in the travel industry for the past 12 years, starting as a tour operator selling luxury 5* holidays and becoming a cruise specialist for Cruise 1st in 2008.

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