Why I love Cruises…. Part 1


So today’s post is a little different, but I thought I would share with you all the reasons why I personally think cruise holidays are fab. I know I have talked before about general reasons why people might want to go on a cruise, but for me, the following things make me keep coming back for more:

1) Your Bedroom Following You Round

Ok, the title of this point sounds a bit weird but what I mean is that I love how you can visit all these different places but not once do you have to pack up all your things and drag them to the airport, and then to another hotel, before unpacking again etc etc. I love how you get on the ship, unpack your things and then the room is yours for the duration of the cruise. It doesn’t matter how many different countries you go to, you don’t need to worry about moving all of your stuff around. If you wanted to travel to several countries any other way, you would have to keep packing up, dragging cases, sitting round airports, collecting cases and unpacking again. Or you would have to just live out of your suitcase. Both are hassles which I like to avoid!

2) The Food (obviously)

Everyone loves the food on cruise ships, because it is generally of a really high standard and you can get as much as you like of whatever you like. I love that there are several different dining options, and all of the restaurants tend to have different atmospheres and different feels to them. I also love that you can have a full on 4 course meal if that’s what you feel like, but if not then you can just grab a sandwich or a burger (or whatever else you want).

Another less obvious plus point of having all that food onboard is that you don’t have to eat when you are on shore. You could visit some places which let’s just say have less strict health and safety rules than they do back home. The food stalls at the sides of the road in places like Bangkok sell food which smells and no doubt tastes great… however you will be advised by the cruise line NOT to eat it and not to drink the local water as our western tummies just can’t handle it.

3) The Staff and the Service

On most cruises you will find that the staff go above and beyond what is expected of them to provide you with the best service they can possibly offer. This was particularly true on a recent Azamara Cruise where all members of staff went out of their way to make our holiday as hassle free as possible.

The staff onboard cruise ships tend to work long hours, often in really tough jobs which require a lot of physical and mental effort. To remain happy, upbeat and genuinely caring is a hard task but they somehow seem to always pull it off.

To be continued…..


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