Cruise Miss Shares Her Favourite Cruise Destinations [Part 2]


I shared part 1 of my favourite cruise destinations with you a little while ago and now it’s time for part 2.

Secretly, I think all of the places I have visited are, in one way or another, a favourite destination. Even the places I didn’t like, because they offered a new experience and that is what life is all about, right?

Monte Carlo (and surrounding)

Monte Carlo Casino

Now, Monaco is something a little different, because it is so close to so many other places that are also worth visiting. Monaco itself is a very small but very beautiful place. The marina is amazing! The yachts, well, I could spend all day admiring them. But, a walk around the palace grounds is an absolute must (the views from there are rather impressive). From Monaco, I have also visited Eze, a beautiful medieval town about a thirty-minute drive away, and Menton, one of the last French towns before reaching the Italian border. In short, you can explore just about all of the French Riviera from Monaco – so broaden your exploration horizons next time you anchor here.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Fire Dancer

I visited the Adriatic once and it was love at first port! It was one of the best ports in Dubrovnik. The temperature had soared, it was easily 42 degrees Celsius and I’m not good when I’m too hot. Like a lot of people, I get a little irritated, but Dubrovnik was so beautiful that I barely even noticed the heat – I was totally engrossed. I wandered around the Old Town and would suggest to anyone visiting for the first time to do exactly the same. Once within the Old Town walls it is almost like stepping back in time and everything was so clean! Not even a chewing gum wrapper lay on the pavement. There are lots of little shops here too, so bring extra euros.


Tortola Sailing Boats

I toured quite a lot of the island during my visit. Although it was very beautiful, I wish I had stayed at Cane Garden Bay for the day. We left the port and crossed to the other side of the island and there it was, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen – Cane Garden Bay. It really is one of those beaches you see in a magazine and think ‘I bet it doesn’t actually look like that’, but it does! Sheltered on either side by rolling green hills, crystal clear waters, warm white sand in-between your toes, and a never ending supply of rum punch (thanks to the vendors). All while sheltered under the palms – what more could you want?


AmsterdamAmsterdam is not for everyone, but I like it and it’s another place I have visited several times. I always do something different on each visit, so I think that is why it peaks my interest. Not so much a fan of the city aspect of Amsterdam, but I love nothing more than hitting the canal crossed streets and seeing where I end up. A visit to Anne Frank’s house is definitely a recommendation. As is a visit during December, when they have all their Xmas markets. If you have visited here before and want to do something new, then I would suggest a trip to Haarlem. It’s very much like Amsterdam but on a smaller scale.

St Lucia

St Lucia Beachfront

Another tropical paradise in the Caribbean, St Lucia offers a lot of variation. From rainforest excursions to one of the most famous markets in the world, Castries, St Lucia is one of those islands that hits everyone with something unique. During my visit, I opted for a trip to the rainforest. It was incredibly interesting and the views from the canopy were breath taking! Once back on terra firma, we were given the option of a guided walk, which of course I went on. It was just as much fun as the aerial ride. Have you ever seen a tree that eats other trees? Go into the rainforest and you will. Lizards, humming birds and even HUGE termite mounds were all found on our 15-minute walk. If you have time then definitely stop at Castries!

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