Can You Name the Flags of These Sporting Nations


There’s another great summer of sports in front of us with the greatest athletes from all around the world congregating in Rio and France. Athletes from nearly every country on Earth have been readying themselves for this summer over the last four years, ensuring they’re in tip-top form and perfect condition.And whilst they’ve been meticulously managing their diets and shedding a second off their personal bests, we’ve been equally busy practising our barbeque skills and learning the words to the national anthem.

We’ve also been testing the rest of the office with quizzes about the flags of the nations who are competing in the games this summer, and have come to realise we don’t know our Tongas from our Congos. Naturally, we’re interested to check the flag knowledge of our readers, to see if you’re all any better than the Cruise1st team. So we’ve created the great sporting flag quiz – challenging you to identify 20 flags from proud sporting nations.

But be warned: these get very difficult, very quickly.

So how did you do? Don’t forget to share your results in the comments section above, or on the Cruise1st Facebook page. Alternatively, if this quiz has whetted your appetite for your own summer 2016 adventure, a last minute cruise could be right up your street. So, if you fancy getting away on a late cruise deal, check out Cruise1st’s fantastic late deals page, or call our dedicated team on 0800 230 0655.

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Can You Name the Flags of These Sporting Nations
Article Name
Can You Name the Flags of These Sporting Nations
Cruise1st's tantalisingly tricky flag quiz as another great summer of sport nears.

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