The World’s Most Beautiful Ports


Cruising enables you to see some of most stunning landscapes and scenery in the world. Exploring historic cities and natural wonders on day trips is fascinating, but there are some destinations where the port itself is one of the main attractions. From awe-inspiring skylines to uniquely enchanting surroundings, these are some of the world’s most beautiful ports.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a supremely stunning port destination. The natural Harbour of Port Jackson boasts two of Australia’s most famous landmarks: the shimmering majesty of Sydney Opera House, flanked by the industrial might of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney’s towering CBD skyline unfolds before you, contrasting with the lush green foliage of the Botanical Gardens which sweeps right to the water’s edge.

Sydney Port 2 - Royal Caribbean Press Center

Dock at: Overseas Passenger Terminal, White Bay Cruise Terminal

Venice, Italy

The famous canals which run through Venice like veins make this historic and other-worldly city a marvel. Many cruise liners inch close towards the architecture of this ancient city, meaning you can enjoy a panoramic view of seemingly endless terracotta rooftops and intricate church spires from on deck. Take a gondola trip through winding waterways, explore cobbled alleyways, and pause to admire the enchanting surroundings from delicate bridges.

Dock at: Port of Venice Cruise Terminal

Nassau, Bahamas

The luxurious Caribbean paradise of Nassau is a haven of white sands and sparkling azure waters. The cruise terminal has a stunning view over both Nassau and the famous Paradise Island, where lavish hotel resorts flank palm-fringed beaches. Relax in a tropical wonderland, explore the traditional Straw Market where you can pick up souvenirs, or head to the Atlantis hotel for a taste of real opulence, with a casino, luxury shopping centre, water park and aquarium within the complex.

Nassau Port - Royal Caribbean Press Center

Dock at: Nassau Bahamas Cruise Terminal


A triumph in ultra-modern architecture, Singapore’s skyline will take your breath away. From the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which gives the impression of a cruise liner perched precariously atop three towers, to the Gardens by the Bay, which seamlessly overlaps rare and exotic plant species with architectural masterpieces, this port city is packed with wonder. The view from on deck after dark is simply stunning, as millions of lights from the surrounding buildings are reflected in the water.

Dock at: Marina Bay Cruise Centre

New York, USA

Sail in the wake of generations of immigrants, and lay eyes on the most famous skyline in the world. While natural beauty isn’t one of New York harbour’s strong points, sailing past the Statue of Liberty and on to the dazzling Manhattan skyline is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

New York - Roderick Eime

Dock at: Manhattan Cruise Terminal


Venture to the end of the earth and witness the breath-taking wonder that is Antarctica. Staggering sheets of ice, majestic frozen mountains, and rare and diverse wildlife can be seen from on board your cruise liner, or take a boat tour to set foot on the ice or get up close to the resident penguins. Antarctica is a continent like no other, and its unspoilt beauty is mesmerising.

Dock at: Paradise Harbour

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Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center and Flickr Creative Commons, credit: Roderick Eime


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