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You don’t really appreciate the sheer size of a cruise ship until you’re stood beside it with your luggage, ready to get on board ahead of the trip of your dreams. To anyone that hasn’t been on a cruise before, it might seem like “just a boat”, but ships such as The Anthem of the Seas are far more than that.

Cruise liners are designed to be special to help passengers to get the most from their cruise experience. It’s not just about sitting back in a deckchair and admiring the views of the Caribbean or Mediterranean, for example, your holiday starts the moment you set foot on board the ship and you want to feel instant luxury.

The Anthem of the Seas is due for launch in April 2015 and will be the second of three Quantum Class cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean, following on from the Quantum of the Seas which is scheduled for release in November 2014.

So what makes it so special? Why are people going to be booking their next cruise with Royal Caribbean to be on-board the Anthem of the Seas? Rather than telling you, we thought we’d show you with the help of this handy infographic which lists all of facts and figures that will convince you – as if you needed convincing – that the Anthem of the Seas is the next big hit.

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