Debunking Common Cruise Concerns


It’s no secret that over the past decade, the cruise experience has categorically transformed. Gone are the days of shaggy carpets, uninspiring buffets and endless days spent by the pool. Board a ship today, and the experience is luxurious, stylish and intrinsically exciting. Of course, not everyone’s a convert, and the industry still endures its fair share of ‘haters.’ But as far as we’re concerned, the majority of anti-cruise sentiments are undeserved. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of common cruise concerns, and debunked them once and for all.

I’ll be bored

Trust us, today’s cruise ships are anything but boring. Hit the decks of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Allure of the Seas ships and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Think rock climbing, virtual skydiving, surf machines, carousels, spas, zip lines, live entertainment and more.

I get seasick

There’s no escaping the fact that the high seas can be choppy, but for passengers who are seriously concerned about the risk of sea sickness, a river cruise is the perfect compromise. With beautiful glassy waters and not a wave in sight, river cruising is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those in search of small scale, more intimate experiences.

I’ll get slack on diet and exercise

Sure, opportunities abound to indulge in poolside nap sessions and sumptuous spreads. But that said, it’s also surprisingly easy to stay fit, trim and sexy on-board modern cruise ships. Today’s vessels feature state of the art gyms and fitness programmes, with some even offering personal training. Plus, lines such as Celebrity offer ‘spa inspired’ menus that are fresh, tasty and low in fat.


I’ll feel claustrophobic

If you’re concerned about getting cabin fever, why not splash out and book a luxuriously spacious suite? Modern ships themselves are amazingly lofty, with grand lobbies, expansive pool decks, roomy dining spaces and more. In fact, Royal Caribbean’s ship designers put a special emphasis on outdoor space, which means there’s a host of open air neighbourhoods to explore.

I won’t get a real taste for a destination

Some people maintain that cruising is a superficial way to travel. Perhaps in the past, but today cruise lines are all about offering passengers immersive, unforgettable experiences. Look for itineraries that feature unique shore excursions that get you up close and personal with nature, culture, cuisine and more.


I’m not an old person!

Cruising is becoming increasingly popular with a younger demographic. They’re a fantastic choice for honeymooners, as well as families and groups of friends. And the offerings from cruise lines reflect the changing face of the industry. Take Disney for example, a line that’s all about kids and families. Or Princess Cruises, where solo travellers are invited to exclusive cocktail parties, mixer events, games nights and more.

Are you ready to set sail?

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