Royal Wedding Festivities Growing All the Time


Yep, that’s right folks. It’s ANOTHER Royal Wedding blog post. I told myself I didn’t care about the Royal Wedding but I do seem to be getting swept up in the fever. To be fair, it gives us another 4 day weekend and we can’t complain about that now, can we? Plus, cruise lines love any excuse to get the bunting out and have a party, and they are certainly going all out this Friday, with lots and lots of celebrations planned. Here are some examples of Royal Wedding fever hitting the high seas:

P&O Cruises – This cruise line will have almost 13,000 British passengers onboard their ships on the big day itself so it is no surprise that they are going all out to celebrate. There will be bunting, flags, drinks, specially installed big television screens, royal themed films (think “The King’s Speech) and a spectacular Royal Gala Ball on the night of the wedding.
NCL – NCL are going retro for the event – think of a British Street Party circa 1960 and you’ll have the right idea. Everything will be quintessentially British, from the fish and chips and union jacks, to the Pimms being served at the bar. There will also be a special high tea served on the day of the wedding, and a very British, Royal breakfast which will include eggs poached in champagne. Hmmm, I wonder if that is what Kate Middleton will be eating on the morning of the wedding?

Princess Cruises – There will be a huge onboard party and you will be able to watch the wedding on the massive “movies under the stars” screen – although it won’t be under the stars as it will be during the day. There will be Royal Wedding trivia and themed entertainment throughout the day and even Royal themed Cocktails – I think I’ll have a “Harry”. There is even going to be a William and Kate look-alike contest, although I’m not sure how much the winners of that will really look like the happy couple but nevermind!
Biggest let downs – Well although so many cruise lines have gone to great lengths to make the day a special one, some have been a bit of a let down. Yes, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara – We are looking at you! On these ships, the wedding will be shown with champagne but really, considering the amount of Brits that sail with these cruise lines, WE EXPECT MORE!!


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