Royal Caribbean Cruises Vision Class

Royal Caribbean Vision Class

Your haven of relaxation and tranquility. A smaller more intimate ship class with sun-filled atriums and panoramic vistas through acres of glass. With six ships, the Vision Class is Royal Caribbean’s largest class of vessels. Slightly unique to the other classes in the fleet, the Vision Class is made up of three pairs of sister ships – Legend of the Seas and Splendour of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas, and Rhapsody of the Seas and Vision of the Seas.

A taste of Vision Class Cruises

Royal Caribbean Vision Class Ships

All built and entered into service with Royal Caribbean between 1995 and 1998, the ships were designed to offer increased enjoyment and a better overall experience for cruise passengers whilst at sea, with the inclusion of more glass windows than any ships operating at that time – providing better views of the ocean and approaching shores.

The Vision Class of ships currently represent Royal Caribbean all around the world with current homeports in Brisbane, Sao Paulo, Venice, Maryland, Florida and Sydney. The oldest member of the fleet, Legend of the Seas, is the most travelled ship in the entire Royal Caribbean fleet, having been based in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Alaska, Central American, the Caribbean, the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Middle East through her nomadic 19 year career at sea. Many of the ships split their time between two homeports, taking in different itineraries in the summer and the winter season.

Despite being up to 20 years old, the Vision Class of ships are kitted out with a wide range of modern convenience, amenities and fantastic facilities. With Royal Caribbean turning their attention to ensuring the journey is as enjoyable as the destination, the Vision Class incorporated a wide range of family-focussed features such as arcades, teen night clubs and extreme sport facilities.

The Vision Class of ships were amongst the first on the seas to offer a wide range of evening entertainment options including comprehensive casinos and Broadway-style performances – furthering Royal Caribbean’s dedication to providing excitement for guests of all ages and tastes.

The maximum capacities of the Vision Class of ships range from 2,076 to 2,446 guests. The Enchantment of the Seas was dramatically overhauled in 2005, increasing the length of the ship by 73 feet. The ship was cut in half with additional length added to its mid-section during a month-long overhaul.

The Legend of the Seas and Splendour of the Seas are the small and most intimate members of the Royal Caribbean fleet. All of the ships feature comprehensive dining options including Royal Caribbean’s flagship Windjammer café buffet which serves as a central dining venue. Additional eateries including the Mr Fair Lady dining room and Chops Grille Speciality restaurant.

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