Island Cruises
Initially founded as a joint venture between First Choice and Royal Caribbean, Island Cruises set out to bring a fresh approach to cruising and attract new and diverse customers to the exciting world of cruise line holidays.

There first season began back in the summer of 2002 with the Island Escape cruise liner delighting holidaymakers in the Mediterranean and Brazil. Since then Island have successfully improved the service provided to customers looking for cruise holidays.

Island have always aimed to provide there customers with a relaxed, friendly & informal cruise experience, pioneering the ideals which have made cruise holidays the fastest growing travel sector in the UK. The friendly service Island are now famous for has helped to cement there position as the natural choice for first time cruisers & seasoned veterans alike.

In 2007 First Choice merged with travel company TUI to become TUI Travel. The new company kept its 50 percent stake in Island Cruises with Royal Caribbean maintaining the other 50 percent.

A Captain and crew as relaxed as you

One of the reasons why an Island Cruises holiday is so enjoyable is that our Captain and crew are one integral part of your holiday.

Whilst onboard you will find our Captains, Stuarts Horne and John McNeill are always out and about, doing everything they can to help you have the best possible time.
We take great pride in the fact that the Island Escape has a reputation for friendliness and much of this is due to having a dedicated and well-trained crew of 540. Whatever you need there is always someone close at hand throughout your holiday.
However you like to relax and enjoy yourself, you will find Island Cruises has helpful service along with a unique mix of warmth and personality. It’s why the Island Escape is so different from any other cruise ship, and why you are bound to have a holiday to remember.

A choice of holiday styles

Imagine a holiday where you can just be yourself and enjoy one of the most relaxed and informal breaks ever. That is what Island Cruises is all about.

With our unbeatable mix of attentive, friendly service and exciting destinations along with all the facilities of a top hotel, the Island Escape offers you great value and an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step aboard, our Captain and crew will look after and help you get the most from all the attractions and entertainment onboard. You can sit and relax over a cool drink, join in the fun when you want to or just stretch out on the sun deck and enjoy a thrilling new view each morning. And there is no standing on ceremony. If you want t dress up or ‘go-casual’, the choice is yours, you can simply ‘be yourself.

+ A Choice of holiday styles
With the range of flexible options we have built in you can tailor your Island Cruises holiday to perfectly suit your needs.

+ A Choice of destinations
Pick your favourite from our 3 one week Mediterranean itineraries taking in some of Europe's most amazing cities and fascinating ports of call. Combine any two cruises to make a fantastic 14-night holiday, For those thirsting for more Latin spirit why not try our unique repositioning cruise from Palma down to Brazil? There is nothing else like this on the market,

+ A choice of holiday types
Like to have your cake and eat it? A popular option with Island guests is a cruise and stay (or stay and cruise). We have got 21 hotel and apartment complexes across beautiful Majorca to choose from. So, spend a week seeing the great sights of Europe then relax by the pool in the sun for another week before its time to go home.

Responsible Travel Tips

As more people venture abroad, there is growing concern that that tourism can sometimes have a damaging influence upon the environment and culture or holiday destinations. If you would like to make a positive difference – and make the most of your holiday – here are a few suggestions for how to go about it.
Respect local people
*Be sensitive to local customs and traditions
*Dress so as no to cause offence, especially in holy places
*Ask before taking photographs of people or their homes
*Respect private property and stick to marked paths
*Try learning a few words of the local language
Interact with the local economy
*Take the opportunity to sample local markets, restaurants and public transport
*Locally crafted souvenirs make grate holiday reminders, but avoid products made form endangered species.
*Ask your holiday representatives advice about the local tipping custom.
Take care of the environment
*Save water and energy wherever possible – simple things like taking a shower rather than a bath, reusing towels, and turning off air-conditioning and lights when you leave your rooms can make an enormous difference.
*Dispose of litter carefully, and do not remove coral, wild flowers or other wildlife.
*Why not offset the environmental impact of your holiday flight?
Visit for more information.
Blue Flag Awards: The Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) is an agency concerned with, amongst other things, raising awareness of environmental issues in holiday resorts throughout Europe. FEE awards “Blue Flags” to beaches and Marinas which meet the following criteria.

Saying all the right things

Our weekly customer surveys show that every cruise in 2003 achieved exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. Our guests give a special mention to the Captain and crew and the genuinely friendly atmosphere as reasons they have enjoyed their holiday so much. Onboard entertainment, range of destinations, quality of food and surroundings are also rated highly. Taken together, everything that Island Cruises has to offer combines to make it one of the best holidays available.