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Beginner Cruises

Cruises are often known as floating paradises, in which you can choose to join in calm, relaxing activities where you can just relax, be part of the excitement of the onboard facilities or opt out and spend time doing what you like to do. A cruise can give you the same entertainment and relaxation you would find at a beautiful resort, except on a cruise you pretty much get looked after 24 hours a day.

If you are a cruise beginner then you may have questions like:

Will I get bored? – No you won’t as there are more than enough activities going on onboard your cruise ship to keep you fully entertained.

What can I do on a cruise ship? – You can immerse yourself in refined cuisine prepared by professional chefs, then work it off in one of the exercise/dance classes or join in the variety of sports on offer. Some cruise ships have golf simulators, rock climbing walls and jogging tracks! As the night falls, you can enjoy numerous onboard lounges, watch a Broadway Style production in the theatre or take a chance at lady luck in the casino.

Although a cruise offers you a complete holiday in itself, stopping at various ports of call mean that you can see more of a country than you probably would on a land based holiday. If you don’t want to go on an excursion, you can choose to relax in the comfort of your stateroom or indulge in the onboard facilities and entertainment.

Suggestions for a beginner's cruise would be a Mini cruise for 3/5 days.  This would give a perfect taster and insight as to what cruising is all about. There are lots of beginner cruise deals sailing from the UK from ports such as Southampton, Hull, Liverpool and Newcastle. These cruise deals feature short sailings either round the UK and a number of very popular Mediterranean ports and involve no flying, so you won’t have the hassle of airport security, check-in and luggage restrictions.

There is so much to experience even on a short cruise. Browse all our cheap Beginner cruise deals now!

A Taste of Beginner Cruises