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Cruise and Stay Holidays

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Cruise and stay holidays offer cruisers fabulous cruise itineraries plus enriching land stays. Choose to extend your holiday, both before and after your cruise, and find your perfect accommodation from among an extensive collection of resorts and hotels. With cruise and stay holidays, cruisers will get the convenience of a cruise holiday, the freedom of land exploration and amazing package savings – all rolled into one. Tailor your cruise holiday to include hotel stays, shore excursions and flights for the ultimate adventure. Choose between extending your stay before, or after, your cruise and immerse yourself in the culture on land through fascinating land tours, exciting day trips and local eateries. Perfect for those wishing to add a little variety into their cruise holiday, cruisers can expect an amazing hybrid experience that blends ocean adventure and land exploration into one unforgettable holiday.


With freedom and flexibility being the biggest benefits to cruise and stay holidays, you can choose for your experience to be as scheduled, or spontaneous, as you would like. Whether you wish for our cruise specialists to create a tailor-made land tour package or prefer making your own arrangements, your stay experience is up to you. From airport meet and greets to escorted day trips, feel secure with local guides and experts or immerse yourself freely in the local culture independently. Whatever your preference, your cruise and stay holiday experience is sure to be extraordinary.


Ideal for those wishing for an immersive cultural experience, guests can look forward to exciting shore excursions and customised private tours led by local experts and guides. Whether you wish to explore island treasures in the Caribbean or volcanic summit tours in Indonesia, cruise and stay holidays offer the best experience for any adventurous cruiser!

Featured cruise and stay holiday destinations range from historic cities in the Mediterranean to the lush rainforests of Asia. With the freedom of cruise and stay holidays, you can explore ancient ruins in Rome, pristine beaches in Bali and iconic American landmarks all on your own time – without the rushed feelings you may experience with traditional cruise stops. With cruise durations ranging from a short holiday of 6 nights to an extensive journey of 35 nights, it’s easy to find a cruise that fits your needs. Leave the stress of booking with us and experience a cruise holiday as it was meant to be – enjoyable!

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