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Mini Cruises

Mini cruises are the perfect combination of sailing and city breaks during long weekends.

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Florida from Fort Lauderdale with the Celebrity Reflection

Celebrity Cruises

Florida from Fort Lauderdale with the Celebrity Reflection

4 nights

From Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale

Celebrity Reflection

Aug 2024 - Apr 202611 Sails



from £634 pp


from £579 pp


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Mini Cruises

Mini cruises from the UK

Departure ports

Mini cruises from Southampton tend to be the obvious pick when you think about weekend cruises. But, there are many more ports on offer across the UK. Your options include short break cruises from Newcastle, Liverpool, Dover or Rosyth. Tilbury, Hull, Belfast and Oban are also departure port options that can cut down your travel time. Happy to fly out to a port? Your mini cruise options open up hugely. From Miami and New York to Singapore and Australia, there are ports worldwide offering mini cruise breaks.

Ease of travel

With the large range of departure ports offering mini cruises from the UK, it’s never been easier to hop on a 3 day cruise. With no flights or airport queues (if you’re cruising from the UK) your mini break will be hassle free. As soon as you’re on board your cruise ship, your holiday begins!

Perfect for

Mini cruises are perfect for anyone new to cruising. You get the chance to sample life at sea, explore the ship – and explore a new destination, while discovering what cruising is really like. Mini cruises from the UK are also fantastic for anyone with mobility problems, especially those who can’t fly. Accessible ships, and the accessible cabins that go with them, open up travel for everyone. And, of course, weekend cruises are perfect for hassle-free breaks for families.

Top destinations for mini cruises

Mini Cruises

Euro culture, cuisine and iconic sights are all with a day’s sail on mini cruises from Southampton – but your holiday starts the minute you step on board. Hassle free, relaxing and with all the amenities you’d find on a longer cruise, short cruises are the ideal mini break.


Amsterdam mini cruises are hugely popular. Being able to feast on stroopwafels, browse museums and sail along the historic waterways of this culture-packed city within just a day’s sailing time from the UK makes it the ideal mini cruise destination. Spring, of course, brings a rainbow of colour to the bustling tulip markets, but don’t rule out a winter sailing. The Christmas markets and cosy coffee shops are all the more appealing when there’s a crisp frost in the air.

Find inspiration on other things to see and do with our Amsterdam city guide


If you pick just one destination for your 3 day mini cruise, choose Bruges. Far less cosmopolitan than Amsterdam, and all the quainter for it, Bruges Old Town truly feels like stepping back into history. Picturesque canals are perfect for strolling – or boating on. While the indulgent local beer, fries, waffles and chocolate are fine fodder for foodies to sample, all eyes tend to be on Bruges’ iconic square. But exploring wider is addictively rewarding.

Read our travel guide to Bruges to make the most of your visit.


tineraries for mini cruises from Southampton tend to overlook Hamburg until the Christmas markets roll around. But do try to track down short cruises sailing to this architecturally stunning city. Art, music, food and maritime history aren’t in short supply here. The only dilemma in this sprawling and vibrant city will be how to see it all within a 3 day mini cruise.