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Galapagos Cruises

The protected nature of the Galapagos Islands and the small harbours which dot the coasts mean that access to the islands is restricted. To help protect the archipelago, only a limited number of visitors are allowed on the islands at any one time, and they must be accompanied by a licensed guide. This means that very few cruise ships can take you to the heart of the Galapagos Islands; only three from the major cruise lines can access this amazing part of the world.

Galapagos Cruise Deals

Galapagos Cruise Highlights

Celebrity Xpedition

Until recently, the Celebrity Xpedition was the only cruise ship from a major line visiting the Galapagos Islands, transporting up to 100 guests at a time in absolute luxury to the stunning archipelago. Despite being smaller than most cruise liners, the specially-designed ship boasts an array of onboard features including the Blue Finch Bar positioned on the Panorama Deck and the Discovery Lounge – a charming public area which plays host to lectures from expert naturalists.  

After a day exploring the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands, the hot tubs on the Sunrise Deck offer the perfect retreat for a little relaxation.

Celebrity Xploration

The smallest ship in the Celebrity Cruises fleet with capacity for just 16 people, the Celebrity Xploration can take you deeper into the mythical Galapagos Islands than any other cruise ship. Launched in March 2017, the small size of the ship promises an intimate experience unmatched by larger ships. You’ll be treated to the highest standard of personal service in between stops on the Galapagos Islands,

If the wildlife found on the Galapagos Islands whets your appetite for animal spotting, the Celebrity Xploration’s Sun Deck provides the perfect spot for whale watching.

Celebrity Xperience

Offering a selection of 7, 10 and 13-night cruises, the Celebrity Xperience has been designed to offer a seamless Galapagos Islands adventure. The beauty of the surrounding nature is allowed to flow through the ship, so you can trace every step taken by Charles Darwin. From the outdoor dining venue, Al Fresco, to the luxury Sun Deck, Celebrity Xperience provides you with an unobstructed Galapagos Islands adventure.

Thanks to the small 48-person capacity of the ship, holidaying aboard the Celebrity Xperience means you’ll be able to enjoy wonderfully, personable and dedicated service during your Galapagos Islands cruise holiday.

All-Inclusive Luxury Cruise Around the Galapagos Islands

Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos Islands’ experiences each offer all-inclusive packages, ensuring your journey around this mythical archipelago is as relaxing as it is enriching. Flights, transfers, excursions and onboard meals are all included in the price of the cruise – ensuring you’re free to concentrate on exploring the delightful islands and enjoying the amazing wildlife.

Discover one of Earth’s greatest treasures on an enriching cruise trip

  • Follow Darwin’s footsteps and explore the Galapagos Islands

  • All-inclusive luxury with Celebrity Cruises, including transfers, flights and hotel stays

  • Cruise aboard three incredible cruise ships

  • Enjoy pre-cruise stays and free excursions

Explore the Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin selected the Galapagos Islands to explore his theory of evolution and natural selection, thanks to the archipelago’s diverse plant and animal life. With thousands of incredible species gracing these remote volcanic islands, and minimal human interaction, nature has been allowed to run its course – creating a truly unique spectacle.

One of the great experiences on the planet, visiting the Galapagos Islands introduces you to an amazing array of animals including the Galapagos tortoise, lava lizard, Galapagos fur seal and many more. Exploring these unique islands gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come up-close and personal with these amazing animals.  

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station

Named for the world’s foremost naturalist who spent years honing his work on the Galapagos Islands, the Charles Darwin Research Station is dedicated to preserving the wildlife of the region and promoting environmental education. Over 100 scientists, educators, volunteers and research students are based in the station, driving forward ecosystem research and scientific investigation.

Housing an abundance of wildlife and cutting-edge research, the station is an absolute must-visit for anyone stepping on to the Galapagos Islands. For those interested in the preservation of ecosystems and the evolution of wildlife over thousands of years, the research on show at the Charles Darwin Research Station provides an unforgettable experience.

Scuba Dive off the Islands’ Unique Coastline

The extraordinary wildlife of the Galapagos Islands isn’t restricted to dry land; the seas surrounding the archipelago also boast an incredible wealth of underwater intrigue. Amazingly, the animals found in the waters around the island have never developed a fear of humans, and many will happily continue their day as you swim past — providing some truly memorable encounters.

An amazing array of marine animals can be spotted in the waters including the unique marine iguanas which inhabit the islands, as well as rays, and playful dolphins and sea lions. There are also 28 species of shark which call this part of the world home, so scuba divers should always be accompanied by experienced local guides. It’s also recommended that only experienced scuba divers and strong swimmers take to the water due to the strong currents and changing conditions.

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