Uniworld Cruise Packages

Proudly boasting the title of ‘the world’s only boutique cruise line’, Uniworld Cruises are sure to offer you a holiday experience like no other. They offer a spectacular selection of itineraries that cover the majestic waterways of Europe, the enigmatic rivers of Asia and much, much more. So, whatever part of the world you want to explore, you can do so in unrivalled luxury on board a Uniworld vessel. And as an added bonus, the unique, artwork-inspired ships have an average capacity of 130 guests, along with the highest staff-to-guest ratio on the river.


What’s included in a Uniworld Cruise Package?

The award-winning vessels in the Uniworld fleet promise an inimitable cruise experience. Each ship is designed with handcrafted furniture, carefully curated artwork and a bespoke design scheme, both in your cabin and the communal spaces. And it’s not just the design that is special, the boutique hospitality and dedicated service go above and beyond what you’d expect, making a Uniworld cruise an experience like no other.


Uniworld are so proud of the excellent service their ships provide, they have created a name for the techniques that take a cruise from good to excellent: TNT or Tiny Noticeable Touches. These little touches involve breakfast in bed (with your coffee exactly how you like it), bespoke cocktails using your favourite ingredients, and so much more. The butlers are trained to the same high standard of excellence that is required at Buckingham Palace, hence,  the cruise line boasts some of the most highly trained and dedicated staff on the waterways. Abiding by the rule that ‘no request is too large and no detail too small’, the staff on board will truly allow you to experience the royalty treatment.

Culinary Excellence

Each time you bite into a freshly baked croissant or sample the finest local wine with your freshly caught fish, you’ll know there’s something different about the catering on board a Uniworld ship. Their farm-to-table approach means the chefs visit regional farms, local markets and artisanal bakeries at every port to ensure that the food you eat is as special as the places you visit.

With world-class service, unique design and fantastic cuisine, a cruise on board a Uniworld vessel will ensure that you’re wowed before you’ve even left port.

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