Cruise1st Easter Cruise Escapes

Easter Cruises

Easter is a perfect time for a cruise, the sunshine is almost out and everyone begins to get in the holiday mood as it’s probably the first time to feel the warmth since Christmas! 

There is an array of different types of cruises at Easter and a good choice of destinations. From River cruises visiting the Dutch bulb fields to a stunning Mediterranean cruise with any major cruise line. The climate of course plays a major part and even though the UK is heating up, you can sail towards warmer destinations such as the Caribbean and South America.

For those who can only travel in the Easter holidays because of school holidays, there are fabulous family cruises with the likes of Royal Caribbean international that sail out of the UK to the Mediterranean or the Canary Islands which are perfect for Easter time. With so many children facilities on board, they are certain to have a fantastic time.

Don't worry if you only have the Easter weekend off, there a lots of short cruises sailing from the UK or you can fly to your chosen destination and take a short Easter cruise from there, for instance you could fly to Barcelona on Good Friday, cruise for 3 days and fly back Easter Monday, other durations are possible too.

If you wanted to do something different over the Easter period, then you could enjoy your Easter cruise with an extended stay making it a memorable family Easter cruise and stay.

Pardon the egg related puns but Cruise1st have some eggs-tra, cracking and “cheep” Easter cruise deals, meaning you won't have to shell out for the holiday of a lifetime!

A Taste of Easter Cruises