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If you’re looking for adventure, China is a location steeped in fascinating history. Chinese culture is so unique, and what better way to explore this captivating country than by cruise ship? You can explore this land of exotic culture and ancient history through a range of luxurious and affordable China cruises.

A Taste of Cruises to China
13nt - South Korea & Japan With FREE Hong Kong Stay
Wonder of the Seas, 21st Nov 22, 13 nights
Includes hotel stay in Hong Kong
from only
13nt - Singapore To Hong Kong Luxury Journey
Queen Elizabeth, 21st Mar 22, 13 nights
Includes hotel stay in Hong Kong , Includes 2 Night 5* Singapore Hotel Stay
from only
16nt - Singapore To Shanghai Luxury Journey
Queen Elizabeth, 21st Mar 22, 16 nights
Includes 2 Night 5* Singapore Hotel Stay , Overnight Onboard In Hong Kong/Shanghai , Why Not Add a 5* Hotel Stay In Shanghai!
from only
17nt - Hong Kong To Tokyo Luxury Journey With Hotel Stays
Queen Elizabeth, 29th Mar 22, 17 nights
Includes 2 Night Tokyo Hotel Stay! , Overnight Onboard In Shanghai/Beijing , Includes 2 Night Hotel Stay In Hong Kong
from only
28nt - Sydney To Singapore Luxury Journey
Queen Victoria, 25th Feb 23, 28 nights
Includes 3 night 4* central Sydney hotel stay , Includes 2 Night 5* Singapore Hotel Stay
from only
A Taste Of Cruises to the Far East With Land Tours

Why not add one of our exclusive land tours? Fully Escorted tours to Shanghai, Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors & the Great Wall await!
Escorted Land Tours 

Explore Chinese Culture In Ultimate Comfort

China is a huge country with a diverse variety of wonders to visit, many of which have to be seen to be believed. From the dominating skyscrapers of Shanghai and Hong Kong to the marvels of the Terracotta Warriors in Beijing – China has it all!

Of course, you can’t visit China without walking along its most famous landmark – The Great Wall of China. Just the sheer scale of this world wonder will take your breath away. This isn’t the only landmark in China though, as the country is immersed in much cultural antiquity.

Treat your taste buds to one of the many delicacies in the tradition food markets. You can even be adventurous and try snacks such as deep fried grasshopper – it might seem strange to the Western palate, but millions of people enjoy this nutritious delicacy every day. Don’t knock it off until you’ve tried it!

Don’t just take our word for it – go and explore China for yourself. There really is no better way of immersing yourself in this wonderful nation than via cruise ship. As China is so far away, you have the choice of a long, uncomfortable flight or an entertainment-packed, activity-filled cruise ship. Which option makes more sense to you?

Would you rather be struggling to open your pack of aeroplane peanuts whilst trying to hear the poor in-flight movie over the sound of children crying? Or practicing your surfing technique, zipping down a waterslide, and trying your luck at the Roulette table? We know which we’d go for!

Book your trip today and travel to China in style and relaxation! Cruise1st has a great range of 15-day cruises, so book the adventure of a lifetime now! Select from the options below or simply give our cruise experts a call for more information and options.