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Finland Cruises

Finland is a country of vast green nature, forests, arctic fells and lakes, inhabited by diverse wildlife - from brown bears to the world's rarest seal. With over 300 islands in the archipelago of Helsinki, plenty of winter ski resorts, not to mention the midnight sun and picturesque Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland is a fascinating country offering unique experiences.

What better way to explore the region than by cruising from the United Kingdom, including from Southampton, on a Baltic Sea or Scandinavian cruise?

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Finland's seaside capital, Helsinki, is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in Scandinavia. Often called the "Daughter of the Baltic," it is characterised by neoclassical buildings, striking modern architecture and green parks. Rich in history, culture and nature, Helsinki is a must if you visit Finland. 

The best time to visit Finland via a cruise is June and July when the days are longer, the cities are bustling and it's peak cruise season in Europe. There are plenty of Baltic and Scandinavian cruises to choose from during the summer months which stop over in Helsinki. Most of the city's main sights are also within walking distance of the harbour meaning you will have plenty of time to explore before returning to the ship. If you're seeking out the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun exclusively, you can also find a number of cruises heading via Iceland and Norway on our Scandinavian cruises. 

Images sourced via Visit Finland.
Image Credit: Niko Soveri / Visit Helsinki | Jussi Hellstén | Niklas Sjoblom | Jordan Herschel 

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