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Scandinavia Cruises

Scandinavian countries share their Nordic geography, history and culture. With Royalty, adventure and stories of Vikings, you will experience stories of old, unspoilt landscapes, beautiful Fjordlands and not forgetting the famous Northern Lights.

A Taste of Cruises to Scandinavia
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Norwegian Fjords
24th Aug 19 - 7 nights
Onboard Spend or Free Port Parking with Select Fare Bookings
From £873pp
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Norwegian Fjords with Eric Lanlard
31st Aug 19 - 7 nights
From £873pp
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Welcome to Scandinavia
8th Sep 19 - 8 nights
From £1072pp
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Scandinavia, Islands of The Baltic With Stockholm
15th Sep 19 - 11 nights
From £1299pp
Sapphire Princess
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No Fly Luxury Search for the Northern Lights
19th Oct 19 - 12 nights
Overnight In Alta, Norway
From £1104pp
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Norway and Northern Lights
3rd Nov 19 - 12 nights
Bucket List Offer! Chance to see the Northern Lights!
From £873pp
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Norway and Northern Lights
26th Nov 19 - 12 nights
No service charges on all P&O sailings from May 2019!
From £873pp
Queen Victoria
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The Fjords
31st May 20 - 7 nights
Upgrade to Cunard Fare for extra onboard spend! On selected sailings
From £960pp
Carnival Legend
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Legends of the Norwegian Fjords
19th Jun 20 - 9 nights
No Flying - No Airport Queues - No Stress!
From £1047pp
Crown Princess
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Luxury No Fly Scandinavian Splendours
4th Jul 20 - 7 nights
FREE ON BOARD SPEND INCLUDED UP TO $1500 , OnBoard Spend - Minimum $200 per couple
From £695pp
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Spectacular Norway & Iceland
16th Aug 20 - 14 nights
Onboard Spend or Free Port Parking with Select Fare Bookings
From £1746pp
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Norwegian Fjords
19th Sep 20 - 7 nights
New Ship for 2020 , No service charges on all P&O sailings from May 2019!
From £756pp
Explore Scandinavia

Denmark has a modern and contemporary lifestyle, yet filled with historic castles and one of the oldest monarchies. Offering cosmopolitan cities with cutting-edge architecture and off-the-beaten-track villages, it certainly combines the old with the new. The landscapes vary from sand dunes to wide open seas, and with excellent transport, it’s easy to see all these fantastic places.

Finland is a place of fresh natural beauty, unpolluted air and extremely friendly people. Each of its regions has a certain character of its own, from the picturesque lakes to the wilds of Lapland. It’s a fabulous place to visit in all seasons with Reindeer safaris, ice swimming, skiing, and with trendy shopping districts, museums and festive markets, you will be sure to enjoy.

Velkomin to Iceland! is something that you will probably hear quite a few times on your visit; this means 'Welcome' and it’s really meant. Iceland is also the USA’s closest neighbour! While you’re here, you can slip into the waters of the geo-thermally heated “Blue Lagoon” or explore the geysers, waterfalls and hot springs. This sure is a place you could keep discovering.

Norway adventures are action ready, with mountain walks, hiking and biking, tracking polar bears and gazing at the Aurora Borealis, and if this isn’t enough, you can simply gaze at the midnight sun. After all that, you can have delicious food and wine or choose to indulge in a luxury Spa treatment.

A stroll through the beautiful Swedish countryside can lead to some ancient king’s burial mound or to ship-shaped stone graves. With scenery of pastoral beauty, intense green countryside, little red cottages, Sweden is mostly famous for its clear blue water. Many visitors come to Sweden for the night clubs and fantastic new restaurants as they do for wilderness, beauty and visits to wooden-horse factories.

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